You Decide: Best Soap of the Week

Which show do you think was the Best Soap of the Week?

The Bold and the Beautiful
6% (91 votes)
Days of Our Lives
13% (182 votes)
General Hospital
59% (825 votes)
The Young and the Restless
22% (304 votes)
Total votes: 1402


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7 April 2011
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I know GH will win the poll but my vote goes Y&R. It was on fire this week and very watchable from Nick's confrontation with Phyllis/Ronan, Summer's acting out, Victor/Adam and Phyllis' trial beginning. It ended with a cliffhanger. The writing on Y&R has improved and made the character of Summer watchable despite the actress' poor performances. I am looking forward to what's to come from Josh Griffith's work.

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26 May 2012
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Well this was easy - GH.

But I have to say, this week all soaps (except Y&R) have improved. And it is very welcomed.

DAYS had the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Kristen, and even B&B has become better with less Unholy Trio & Ridge gone, and more characters and storylines going on now. And of course the Stephanie story coming up. For the longest time I am starting to get interested in B&B again.

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18 August 2009
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Yeah, best for me this week goes to Y&R....I honestly haven't voted Y&R in a while. But this week was realllly good to me.

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26 September 2010
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GH ruled mainly because of Duke's return and a spotlight on the great Finola Hughes and more Heather Webber, BUT I'll have to say B&B is FINALLY starting to get better! I will be watching until the end of the year to see Stephanie's exit story, which is going to be soooo sad but good.

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12 January 2010
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General Hospital was my favourite this week but I enjoyed all 4 for the first time in months.