Could Matt Lauer or Anderson Cooper Replace Alex Trebek as Jeopardy! Host?

If things turn bad for Matt Lauer at Today it appears he may already have another hosting gig waiting in the wings. According to the New York Post, Lauer is atop the list of potential replacements for Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, who is expected to leave the show in 2016. CNN’s Anderson Cooper is also in the running for the job.

According to sources with knowledge of the internal discussions, Sony is also strongly considering Anderson Cooper — whose contract with CNN reportedly ends next year — for the job.

But right now, Lauer’s name is at the top of the list, several sources say.

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Who would you like to replace Trebek?

Anderson Cooper
60% (235 votes)
Matt Lauer
8% (32 votes)
Someone else
32% (127 votes)
Total votes: 394


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Why not hire someone who is trying to establish a career, instead of giving another job to a talking head who already has a successful career and doesn't need the money anyway?

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I'll take Anderson Cooper for $1000, Alex.

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Anyone BUT Matt Lauer!! I never want to see him on my screen again if he goes. I don't watch TODAY ever because of him.