Which Medical Hunk Should April Choose on Grey’s Anatomy?

It looks like April (Sarah Drew) will be facing some tough choices and conflicted emotions on Grey’s Anatomy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she'll soon be struggling with her desire for sex and her decision to wait until marriage before having it again. When Matthew (Justin Bruening, ex-Jamie, All My Children) returns, April has to pick between him and Jackson (Jesse Williams).

"Jackson's not the right guy for her because he doesn't see the world the same way she does and their relationship didn't work because she was feeling guilty for something he never would and that creates a lot of problems," Drew says. "He knows her better than anyone on the planet and they care for each other and he can challenge the way she sees the world, where as Matthew is a complete partnership with how he looks at the world. Both are great and it's a tough choice."

In other Grey’s Anatomy news, TV Guide reports Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) are headed for sexytown. According to TV Line, Grey’s Anatomy’s ninth season finale airs on May 16.

Which medical hunk should April choose on Grey’s Anatomy?

69% (331 votes)
31% (152 votes)
Total votes: 483


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29 March 2010
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I'm team Jackson!!! I love Avery and April together!

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12 February 2010
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6 weeks 6 days

She shouldn't have EITHER of these fine ass men! They should both be with ME!!! Love Love Love Love

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22 January 2011
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Jesse Williams is the only TV actor I've ever dreamed about!

And we weren't exactly playing basketball in those dreams either. Wink

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3 July 2008
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How do you ever want another man if you had Jesse Williams' Jackson? April is crazy!!!! Enough said!

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26 May 2012
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Jesse Williams is possibly the hottest man I've ever seen. Omg......

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10 August 2010
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Why would either of them want that mousy loon. Stop the maddness Shonda!

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21 March 2013
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I'll vote for Matthew. He is very sweet. The biggest reason is that Jackson will be running the hospital now, and won't have the time for her.

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I still miss little Grey and Sloane.