You Decide: Who Should Win Outstanding Supporting Actor?

Which actor do you think should win the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series?

Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless
46% (523 votes)
Bradford Anderson, General Hospital
28% (317 votes)
Jeff Branson, The Young and the Restless
16% (181 votes)
Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful
11% (121 votes)
Total votes: 1142


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12 July 2008
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Scott Clifton was supporting??? He was the only lead actor on B&B during the entire year FGS!

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23 May 2012
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I think Bradford should finally win after all the years he was nominated. He plays the odd-ball character so well (like he said, he was the Jerry Lewis to Steve Burton's Dean Martin (when he was on the show).