Is Today's New Set a Hit or Miss? (POLL)

After the fallout and ratings slide of Ann Curry's tumultuous exit, The Today Show is looking to the future with the debut of its new set (pictured above).  

Is Today's new set a hit or miss?

20% (124 votes)
80% (482 votes)
Total votes: 606


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26 July 2011
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Do we really need a poll on this?

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28 June 2012
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1 day 7 hours

From the little I looks dated.

I won't watch Today anyway.

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28 August 2013
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I really liked it alot. I especially like the way they turned it away so you don't see the people through the windows anymore. It made the broadcast less distracting. It's really awful to work in that area and have to walk through those crowds.

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1 April 2009
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What will happen if I admit this?? Hmmmm.... LOL

I stopped watching TTS when Merideth left. I never liked (ducking for cover) Ann Curry.

They could drape that sofa in gold, cover Matt with a tarp and have Hannah sit there naked.... GMA is where it's at! (however, they need to stop with the pop culture stuff, something I hear CBS is doing. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT MILEY AND HER DAMN TONGUE!!)

Sorry Today Show. You'll be back....... but just not now.

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16 March 2008
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The show doesn't need a new set. It needs a new co-host and I'm not talking about Savannah Guthrie.

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3 March 2009
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It would be better if Matt Lauer weren't there, he's bringing the show down.

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25 February 2009
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Looks like the waiting area at a Supercuts.

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26 May 2012
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1 day 13 hours

I actually like the couch, lol. That table is hideous.

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11 February 2008
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It looks cheap and reeks of "trying too hard".

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24 January 2012
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I don't watch Today, but judging from the picture, the patterned carpet is distracting. It draws my eye away from the anchors toward the floor. The table is also not good and looks like college dorm furniture. The couch would look better, I think, if it was a different color.

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30 March 2009
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It's a hot mess. I agree with almost everyone. They didn't make one right choice from the fabric on the sofa, to the window coverings -- even something as simple as the table looks sh|tty. And the flowers look fake.

The set was the last thing they should have changed (other than frosting those windows)--Matt needs to go. He's a one-man wrecking crew. Every time he opens his mouth he makes things worse. And he's always had this air of arrogance that's pretty nauseating.

What are Bryant Gumble and Jane Pauley up to these days? LOL.

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18 August 2009
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It looks like they are waiting in line at the free clinic and somebody jumped up and said "SAY CHEESE!"