Which On-The-Bubble Primetime Soaps Should Be Saved? (POLL)

Brace yourselves, because the 2013-2014 TV Bubble Watch is in full swing. The folks at TV By The Numbers have compiled their predictions for this season's cancellations and things don't look good for several primetime soaps.

According to the website, ABC's ratings-challegend Nashville is on the chopping block along with newcomers Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Betrayal.

Over at CBS, the ever-brilliant The Good Wife is facing a cancellation verdict, reports the site, even as though the season hasn't missed a step creatively.

Meanwhile at NBC, the Bravermans are facing something more deadly than last season's cancer storyline. TV By the Numbers predicts the family drama, whichwas moved to Thursday nights, opposite Elementary and Scandal,  will be cancelled.

Visit TV By the Numbers for their full Bubble Watch list.

Which on these on-the-bubble primetime soaps should be saved?

Betrayal - ABC
10% (141 votes)
Nashville - ABC
38% (528 votes)
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - ABC
8% (106 votes)
The Good Wife - CBS
28% (387 votes)
Parenthood - NBC
17% (230 votes)
Total votes: 1392


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1 January 2009
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Its too bad we couldn't vote for more than one of these shows. I would have voted for both The Good Wife which is one of my all time favorite shows and Nashville which I really enjoy watching!!

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30 April 2009
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13 hours 21 min

Hearing this about The Good Wife really bothers me. I am a fan of the Good Wife, yet I cannot seem to catch it on my DVR because football always pushes the time back. As a result, I prefer to watch Good Wife in other ways. All CBS has to do is move the show to another day.

This is a horrible scheduling choice and they are making this wonderful show the fall guy for their bad decisions.

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4 May 2009
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1 hour 36 min

TV By the Numbers is a joke of a website. It has listed The Good Wife as a "bubble" show every year it has been on, even though it consistently wins the demos.

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3 June 2010
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6 hours 6 min

I love the Good Wife. It is one of my favorite prime time shows. I also love Parenthood and Nashville. I did not care for Betrayal at all and took it out of my DVR. The new Wonderland was disappointing, but I am giving it another chance this week.

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3 July 2008
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1 day 22 hours

I love "The Good Wife". It seems to be on the bubble every year by those websites. Still I think CBS is pretty happy with the show. What else would CBS air Sunday nights that would get similar ratings?

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6 December 2009
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11 hours 8 min

Oh please CBS keep The Good Wife, out of all the soaps that is listed it's by far the most creative and has completely delivered on quality since it debuted. This new season has been brilliant thus far in the short new fall season.

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9 September 2008
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5 weeks 2 days

IMO, The Good Wife is hands down the best show on the air. Its biggest problem is that it rarely starts on time during football season, at least in the East Coast markets. Why it was moved to Sunday nights is completely beyond my comprehension.

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5 May 2011
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3 weeks 1 day

If they're going to schedule a show against a juggernaut like Big Bang Theory, they shouldn't expect stellar ratings. And the list of renewal likely (for comedy) is horrible and the comedy on the chopping block is hysterical. Blegh.

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26 July 2011
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14 hours 56 min

I would think The Good Wife would have some healthy ratings on Sunday Night, and The Good Wife is a really good written television show. Nashville is another good show I like, and along with Parenthood which a good show, but sometimes there scenes are way too long, and the storylines are slow moving...

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26 May 2012
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1 day 13 hours

Definitely The Good Wife!

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10 December 2012
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11 weeks 1 day

The Good Wife - the best show on television? Hardly. I love it but there are definitely better shows. I don't think The Good Wife is actually a bubble show.

I love Parenthood. Don't watch the others. Parenthood is like the little show that could. It has a great cast, great stories and great acting. Could not ask for a better show.

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18 February 2009
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2 hours 48 min

I love them all, but I haven't watched Wonderland yet. The Good Wife has always been listed as a bubble show because it always HAS been a bubble show, but as Matt Roush at TV Guide pointed out this week, it's a prestige show for CBS, so I don't think it's in any real trouble.

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6 March 2013
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2 hours 29 min

I neeeed my Rayna James fix!!! Lol