Which General Hospital Man Had The Best Costume? (POLL)

From a Dark Prince to Beetlejuice and a case of matching outfits, General Hospital's men sported a variety of costumes for the ABC soap's Halloween episode.  We want to know which you liked best!

Which General Hospital man wore your favorite costume?

1% (18 votes)
53% (1085 votes)
1% (17 votes)
8% (172 votes)
19% (394 votes)
17% (351 votes)
Total votes: 2037


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29 March 2010
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It's a toss up between Faison as Beetlejuice or Faison as Robin Thicke as Beetlejuice and the dark prince Nikolas!

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10 May 2008
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Nicholas followed by Faison, Patrick, Todd 2.0, Felix and Brad.

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3 June 2010
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I voted for Faison...but you all forgot to include Derek's Zorro in the mix. I still wouldn't have changed my vote because if I had not voted for Faison, I would have probably chosen Nikolas.... BUT both these men looked really fine in their costumes.

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26 May 2012
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Yeah I'm gonna say Nikolas. LOL! He was looking hot to trot!

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16 February 2013
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I liked Nik's first costume...you know, the one with no shirt!

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1 July 2011
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Faison hands down as Beetlejuice I died of laughter when he opened the door and scared Lesley and Spencer

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24 January 2013
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faison was a hoot as Beetlejuice! But when Nikolas came out as the Dark Prince, I was like damn he looks fine!
And I'm sure it's a close race between the dark prince and Zorro.

Why wasn't Zorro on this list? Brad and Felix should've been put together since it was basically the same.