All My Children: Who Killed Richie Promo

All My Children kicks off a good old whodunit murder mystery of Richie Novak. Billie Miller  was the shows best find since Jeff Branson (equally wasted) and it's unfortunate that the The Powers That Be wrote both characters so badly. But I digress.

Who do you think murdered Richie Novak?

Adam Chandler
0% (1 vote)
Amanda Dillon
2% (6 votes)
Annie Lavery
55% (209 votes)
Greenlee Smythe
2% (8 votes)
Jake Martin
1% (3 votes)
Josh Madden
3% (11 votes)
JR Chandler
1% (4 votes)
Kendall Hart Slater
1% (2 votes)
Ryan Lavery
2% (7 votes)
Zach Slater
6% (24 votes)
Richie committed suicide and set someone up for the fall
15% (57 votes)
Someone else
13% (50 votes)
Total votes: 382


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16 August 2007
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I voted for Josh Madden

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12 February 2008
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Of course it's someone that Mr. Pratt thinks has ran their course. It's probably Josh or Annie. I doubt that it was anyone else.

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23 June 2008
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lol...this matters so little.

i have a feeling that by the time the killer is revealed...i wont even care.

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19 January 2008
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the way Richie is, he proably commited suicide and frames someone else, that is soo like Richie!

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10 March 2008
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It would be very "Another World like" if Richie was the one to have done it. I did enjoy the "who shoot Grant" storyline.

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5 March 2008
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I vote for Annie and then she and her brother are both off the show - seems like little Emma is already gone (or at a non-stop sleep over!)

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24 June 2008
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.... or Aiden
..... or Annie & Ritchie's Dad.

Most likely Annie though since she is an OUTTIE!!