Maxie and Spinelli having sex?

RUMORS are saying Jason walks in on Spinelli and Maxie in a compromising position.  Is Spixie having sex?  That's a RUMOR out there and we want to know what you think about Maxie and Spinelli taking the leap from friends to lovers?

Not happening... it's a FanFic!
12% (119 votes)
Woo Hoo! I've been waiting for these two to Hook Up!
48% (461 votes)
Gross! Spixie should just be friends, Best Friends!
12% (118 votes)
IF it happens... Maxie is going to break The Jackal's heart!
21% (207 votes)
What about Matt? I want a M&M Hook Up!
6% (61 votes)
Total votes: 966


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16 August 2007
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You know, I'm really conflicted about this. I want Spinelli and Maxie to get together but I don't want them sleeping together unless she has pursued him for a while and he's played hard to get. It's just to easy of a cop out to throw them in bed together when she doesn't like him the way he does her. She needs to chase after him for a while.

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9 April 2008
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I wouldn't mind seeing them together, but I'm afraid she'll hurt Spin...she's come along way, he kinda has settled her down some, she's not such a wild child like before, but now if she would just get off Lulus back, who as of late gets on my nerves too....LOL But at least Lulu didn't supply drugs to someones brother and become his mistress. If I were Lulu I'd be just as awful to Maxie (if not worse). JMO of course. Smile

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19 June 2008
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I don't want her to hurt him, but I love Spinelli and Maxie together. I just wonder if it's too soon and I'm leery of this DAYS actor.

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14 November 2007
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I prefer Maxie and Spin as friends. I LOVE Jason Cook, but I don't want the success or failure of his character to be dependant on a pairing with Maxie.

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1 June 2008
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I think it will be great if spixie are going to be a romantic couple.
but i dont think this is it, its to soon.

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16 December 2007
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1 hour 46 min! Friends. Just friends! Maxie doesn't need another love interest. She needs a friend, and Spinelli is it.

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5 November 2007
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I love Spixie and want them together, but I want it drawn out. I don't want a wham bam thank you ma'am type thing and it be over with before it even started.

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29 December 2007
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I'd love for Spin to get a taste of Maxie love but I don't think its gonna happen.

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6 January 2008
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It's sad that they are doing this just to have Spinelli's heart broken when Maxie only wants to be friends.

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26 March 2008
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Finally! Spinelli Scores. It is past time that Spinelli get the girl of his dreams. I do hope Maxie wakes up to see just how much he adores her. This could be one of the sweetest, funniest relationships on GH if it is written well and allowed to develop. There is always TOO MUCH angst and couples splitting up. I certainly hope Spinmax gets their chance!

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17 July 2009
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Ohh yeah..... story is really at a very crucial situation and its getting more interested. This is just a story but i don't know why people like having sex with different partners in their real lives. Everyone knows that changing sex partner can cause flu virus even though people seem so much interested in all these things, well its entirely a different thing. Hope Spinmax will get chance.