ADONIS 2008 @ (Finals Week 3)

Week 3 Finals of the ADONIS 2008 competition at Voting is currently underway!!

Hey guys, again I come to you inquiring on your mindset regarding the hotties of soap land. Jake Silbermann and Mark Lawson are now out of the competition so it'll be interesting to see who gets the votes from their fans.

It is really starting to look like a competition between people who have either been on or currently are on Days of Our Lives or General Hospital. Their are only 2 left who haven't been on either and both of those (Daniel Goddard and John-Paul Lavosier) have been in the bottom 3. So fans of those two need to step up their game if they want their hottie of choice to remain in the competition.

As for our Days guys they are getting help between all the love scenes and past steam room action. And I have to admit while my heart and votes will forever remain with Shawn Christian, James Scott has been working the scruffy look which really works for him and Jay Kenneth Johnson still has those dimples to contend with. Then there's our ex-Days hotties the dual Shawn Bradys who have now appeared on their respective soaps. Brandon Beemer is showing a new side to him as his new character on Bold and the Beautiful is not on the innocent side at all. I like me some naughty boy so that works.

Speaking of naughty boys, it's debatable now whether Jason Cook's new character on General Hospital is going to end up being a stand up guy or a bit on the shady side. However Steve Burton still maintains his hit man hotness, Jason Thompson also has the dimples on his side, and Greg Vaughan....well come on now it's Greg Vaughan need I say more?

So as always vote in our poll to see how the Daytime Confidential readers are voting and then go over to and vote in the official ballot. It's a ranking system so rank the guys from 1 (your favorite) to 10 (your least favorite). Then leave a comment and come to results chat on Wednesday 10pmEST/7pmPST and see if your comment makes it into the results. It's a good time so ya'll should come join in.

Till next week oogle and enjoy!!

Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight - Bold and the Beautiful)
2% (24 votes)
Greg Vaughan (Lucky Spencer - General Hospital)
13% (131 votes)
James Scott (EJ Wells DiMera - Days of Our Lives)
10% (99 votes)
Jason Cook (Matt Hunter - General Hospital)
4% (35 votes)
Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake - General Hospital)
11% (106 votes)
Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip Kiriakis - Days of Our Lives)
2% (22 votes)
Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby - Young and the Restless)
6% (63 votes)
John Paul Lavosier (Rex Balsom - One Life to Live)
7% (66 votes)
Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas - Days of Our Lives)
5% (52 votes)
Steve Burton (Jason Morgan - General Hospital)
39% (388 votes)
Total votes: 986


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14 November 2007
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This was a tough one! It came down to Shawn C, James Scott, Greg V, or a pre-bearded Jason C. Gotta go with Shawn Christian Smile

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16 December 2007
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All these mens (yeah...I said mens) are delicous....but it's still all about Steve for me. I'm still crushing on the NOP when he shed the shirt. And I want more of it damn near two years later...I mean...oh my damn.

My other two are Mark Lawson which was the biggest mistake ever him being voted out last week, and JPL. Funny is hot and dammit, his body is not bad either. Damn.

Other than that...Brandon Beemer.

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9 April 2008
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I'm all about Steve Steve Steve. Laughing out loud But Greg is a close 2nd. JPL is a 3rd for me....he is hot I agree. Steve has gotten the most votes. I hope he gets it. Smile Shirt or no shirt he's the man!!! Gets better with age.

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1 June 2008
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I'm also about Steve, Steve,Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is the hotest!!!!!!!!!!!

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31 March 2008
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Steve Burton by far should be voted Adonis 2008. His blue eyes, his high cheek bones, his beautiful smile and his hot bod definitely give him the look of an adonis. Go Steve, Go Liason