Love it or Hate it: Eva Longoria Baby Bump?

Another day, another Eva Longoria pregnancy rumor. Of course this picture didn't help to stop the wagging tongues from speculating that Eva may have a baby bump but it does make a good Love it or Hate it.

Love it or Hate it?

Love it!
57% (108 votes)
Hate it!
43% (81 votes)
Total votes: 189


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23 July 2008
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Can't a girl eat a sandwich w/o being labeled as knocked-up?!

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3 February 2008
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14 hours 46 min

ITA w/ season1217. If that's a baby bump, I must be about 9 months along by now, lol!

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20 January 2008
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2 years 16 weeks

Seriously, I must have a pre-teen in my belly at this point!

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1 January 2008
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She is either pregnant or she's been eating way too many burritos and tacos at a restaurant in L.A. that she is an investor in, "Beso." I do believe her character on "DH" this season, with the 5 year flash forward, is supposed to be more schlumpy, maybe chubby and a frazzled, desperate mother with 2 overweight children! So maybe she is doing the actor thing and gaining weight for the role. LOL!

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12 February 2008
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7 hours 24 min

Either way, she's just a cutie pie!!!!

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29 February 2008
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i don't care much for the dress, but if she is pregnant, Congrats to her!!

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11 February 2008
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5 hours 39 min

Possibly "that time of teh month" when we can get a bit bloated. Her boobies don't look any bigger and they would have been swollen before a "bump" became obvious.