Love it or Hate it: Divorce Edition

Star Jones finalized her divorce from Al Reynolds this week and thus the bridezilla, product pimping era of Jones life has come to an end. In honor of this monumental occasion here is a Love it or Hate it: Divorce Edition.

Love it or Hate it?

Love it!
26% (52 votes)
Hate it!
74% (150 votes)
Total votes: 202


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23 July 2008
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Right on, to everything you said, Jamey!Laughing out loud

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21 April 2008
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5 years 2 weeks

Hate the woman, but she looks good.

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6 September 2008
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i dont know how to answer "it", do you mean Star Jones?

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1 December 2007
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She frightens me.

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22 January 2008
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Star's product pimping came to an end years ago and if Babs "I Sleep With Married Politicians" Walters hadn't wanted her to do so, she never should have greenlit it in the first place, only to use it to paint Star as a scapegoat and ask her to lie about leaving the show. Now Barbara is rumored to be wanting to replace the "difficult" Sheri. Hmm, Rosie, a human trainwreck, was asked to re-sign her contract, but Star was booted and now Sheri's in danger...Maybe Babs gets along better with black married men than she does black women??? Just a thought.

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24 March 2008
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Is it just me, or does the pic look like there's a little more "nip" showing there than intended??? eyes....

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20 January 2008
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Norn, great to see you here? Funnily enough, I was about to say the same thing!

Star is serious need of either injections or facelift...her face needs work. Also, she needs to invest whatever money she has left after the divorce towards a better makeup artist on retainer for these events.