Love it or Hate it: Third Time's the Charm

They say the third time's the charm and for Amber Tamblyn the saying seems to ring true. After a few red carpet and green carpet blunders (see links below) Tamblyn may be making some improved fashion choices. What do you think?

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Love it or Hate it?

Love it!
77% (145 votes)
Hate it!
23% (43 votes)
Total votes: 188


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1 December 2007
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I think the tattoo kind of takes away from the ensemble.

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22 January 2008
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For the first time in a long time she doesn't inspire the words "hot" and "mess".

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23 July 2008
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It's better. I believe she's one of those old souls who dresses even older. But she needs a stylist. She can dress maturely and sophisticated w/o looking like an Annie Hall wannabe.


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29 December 2007
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Much better than the last one you posted, thats 'fer sure!