Love it or Hate it: Hayden Panettiere

Love it or Hate it?

Love it!
15% (52 votes)
Hate it!
85% (297 votes)
Total votes: 349


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4 November 2008
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5 years 21 weeks

that dress on her is 6000 flavours of fail, not to mention it totally clashes with her skin tone. blecch.

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29 December 2007
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7 weeks 5 days

Pretty girl but overdoing it on the lipstick. Outfit is cut or hangs weird on her.

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4 May 2008
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2 years 36 weeks

I know she's thin, but did she seriously mistake her dress for toilet paper when she went to the bathroom?

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20 January 2008
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2 years 16 weeks

Can we do a love it/hate it on the horrifyingly awful wig she wears on Heroes?

Back to topic, I'm okay with most of it, except for the lipstick.

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22 January 2008
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1 hour 18 min

Love the dress, hate the clown makeup and hair, should be down and unruly. Also needs a dark colored, jeweled clutch.

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13 August 2008
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18 weeks 5 days

Is this supposed to be a Halloween Costume, if it is not she looks a hot shitty mess.