DAYS Video Preview

Melanie (Molly Burnett) confronts Nick (Blake Berris) with the truth in this NBC Video Preview for this week's episodes of Days of Our Lives. It then shows a struggle between the two of them and Melanie gets 'bumped' over the balcony as Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) bust into the motel room.

I tell you, I'd be more inclined to watch if I thought Melanie was being killed off. What about you?

Will you be tuning in?

47% (74 votes)
42% (65 votes)
11% (17 votes)
Total votes: 156


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Did you all hear that Deidre Hall might be fired?

Yes, this show fires one of its biggest stars, yet keeps that travesty that is Molly Burnet...

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Yes I did. I'm choosing to not believe it until someone from Days confirms it or from Deidre's side... just because I don't want it to be true!! LOL

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Welcome Back Brooke!!

I will be tuning in, if only to see the toothpaste model being flung over the balcony - that looked hilarious, lol!!

Watching the preview, it struck me how amazing Blake Berris is. I *hate* what they're doing with the character, but he's really going to try and sell this story.

*still in denial about certain rumors, btw*

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What is Dena obsession with Molly whatever her last name is? I would have watched if I thought Melanie was being killed off, unfortunately that isn't not happening so I will watch All My Children instead.
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I feel you Brooke, If I knew for sure Melanie would die, I definitely would be tuning in. But she won't so, whatever. I really hate what they are doint to poor Nick because of this little hair model.

I heard the Dee Hall rumors too, and it better not be true. You don't fire Susan Lucci from AMC, and you don't fire Dee Hall from Days. I can't believe they would let the likes of her, Drake, and JKJ go and keep these Newbies.

Days of our Lives is turning into a blood bath.

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I've been watching since the show began and watch the good, the bad and the ugly so I will watch. I will have high hopes that Mel is a goner though as she is a disgusting character that needs to go. I am sick and tired of this young generation and how they are portrayed on the show. Give me the veteran actors and some stories I can sink my teeth into and not the drivel we have been being fed.

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Okay where do i start.

If Mel was dying would i be looking forward to it???

HECK YEA? I would so find someone to make a countdown to both the US and Canada airings of DAYS, there would be a murder watch, countdown until the end, a would toss a huge party (byob) and its going to be AWESOME.

But no, the stupid red hed is staying on, come on just leave so i can say the word Mel without wanting to strangle someone.

@ the bloodbath that is 'DAYS of our lives'

IF there was a good writer (oh lord i hate that i am going to say this), like JER (OMG i went there) to handle the bloodbath this could be AWESOME, we could get a serial killer storyline with REAL deaths.

But no, Dena is writing is so if anyone actually does die, i am betting it will be by coffee since dena loves that set.

There is no way anything on DAYS is going to keep me 'happily' tuning in, DAYS is the WORST soap on right now. (((Is OOTB better?))

Anyways welcome back from your Holiday Smile

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:jawdrop: angelbear

Yes, I just read on Yahoo's front page where Marlena and John are being let go! What a tragic thing for Days to do. If they need to take care of budget problems...get rid of some of the NEW faces that are killing the show! Getting rid of the icons is a major mistake!

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