Hot or Not: Cristina Yang and McRambo on Grey's?

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) has a potential new love interest on Grey’s Anatomy. What do you think of her pairing with ex-military medic McRambo (Kevin McKidd), AKA Owen Hunt? If you watched the season three finale, in which Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) called off their wedding, you’ll know that Sandra Oh can knock it out of the park when it comes to relationship drama. But, do Cristina and McRambo have sizzling chemistry or are they wetter than a severed artery?

85% (350 votes)
15% (60 votes)
Total votes: 410


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16 August 2007
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hot like you wouldn't believe! lol

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3 August 2008
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27 June 2008
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I totally agree, they are smokin'!

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27 December 2007
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hot hot hot

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5 November 2007
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Works for me!