Did Ashley make the right decision?

With Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) “dead” and Gloria Abbott Bardwell (Judith Chapman) inheriting 5% of Katherine’s Jabot stock, the pieces are in place for Jack and Gloria’s takeover scheme. Won’t Jill’s face be a picture when they oust her? Further down the line, who won’t love watching Gloria squirm when it’s revealed that Katherine is alive and her will is invalid?

Should Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) have given Jack her proxy to bring Jabot back to the Abbotts?

Hell no, this is a house of cards that's set to tumble.
22% (45 votes)
Hell yes, Jabot belongs with the Abbotts.
44% (90 votes)
Jabot belongs with the Abbotts, but Jack needs to get a grip and move on.
34% (69 votes)
Total votes: 204


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Jabot belongs to the Abbott and the bartender/CEO of Jabot belongs in a bar or working at Crimson.

I want them to take over and get rid of dumbo and put Ashley CEO! She has experience, is NOT power hungry and will do a fair job, OR give it to Billie he did works for it.

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Yay, Timepass! Jabot needs to be all about the Abbotts, but I predict Jack and Gloria are in for a slapdown from Katherine (and maybe Jill). I think their victory may be short-term, but I hope not.