Beth Mauls Coop, Coop Gropes Beth

I have to say, I'm more than a little fascinated by the romance between Beth (Beth Chamberlin) and Coop (John Driscoll) on Guiding Light. Sure, it isn't Coop and Blake (Elizabeth Keifer), which would have been smokin hot but it is still a fun pairing that has a lot of possibilities.

Do you like Coop and Beth together?

Yes! I love Beth and Coop together.
41% (74 votes)
Let's see if there is any fallout and then I'll tell you.
8% (14 votes)
I'd rather have Coop and Blake.
10% (18 votes)
No! I don't like the pairing.
41% (73 votes)
Total votes: 179


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6 December 2007
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I think its silly and Beth's aim in life seems to be how many can she bed down! this is silly!!! Sick

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23 July 2008
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Beth does seem to be the resident McDonald's, if you know what I mean.

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21 July 2008
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I've been thinking "ew" since I heard this was coming up. Add this couple to the loss column, along with Reva/Jeffrey, Josh/Cassie, et al.

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26 November 2008
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I haven't watched GL in 2 months, so this is kind of intriguing. Before I stopped watching, I thought they were going to go down the Coop and Blake path...which I think would have been better.

Anyways. it's weird because Coop and Lizzie (Beth's daughter) were once together. Then again Lizzie is now sleeping with her mothers ex-husband Bill. Swapping partners within the family is the norm in Springfield.

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31 October 2008
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I am enjoying this all because it seems Beth has matured our Coop. JD is sexy, but now Coop seems sexy.