Should Guiding Light Keep Driscoll Around for More Cougar Lovin' With Beth?

In the current issue of Soaps In Depth, Beth Chamberlain (Beth) encourages Guiding Light fans to not be so quick to judge her May/December pairing with Coop (the reportedly soon-to-be-out John Driscoll).

"Beth and Coop have only aired a few times. That's kind of like the first page of a book. I'm not sure how you judge an entire book by the first page."

I have to say I couldn't agree with Chamberlain more. I think Beth and Coop are smoking hot, but then I have always preferred watching sexylicious Cougars catch younger stud prey on daytime as opposed to the current overused trend of watching 40-year-old men being paired with prebuscent girls.

So what do you think, is the Coop and Beth pairing hot or not-so-hot?

Definitely! They should keep Driscoll around for an explosive triangle with Phillip and Beth.
70% (157 votes)
No Way! Coop belongs with Ashlee, I hope they ride off into the Peapack sunset together!
30% (68 votes)
Total votes: 225


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I agree, Jamey.

I think it's much hotter to see an older woman with a younger man than the other way around, which is so boring now. Also it doesn't hurt that Chamberlin and Driscoll have red hot chemistry. I've always liked Beth -- even when she's crazy -- but this is the most interesting that Coop has ever been.

And even if a majority of the show's women viewers wouldn't act on the same impulses as Beth has, it would seem to be something of a vicarious thrill to watch -- much more interesting than an old goat paired with a young chickadee.

Also it's not like Coop is a punk kid or the cliched youthful pool cleaner. He's a mature, sensitive fella. He's made the rounds with the younger set without much luck, so they might as well let loose a cougar on him!

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Their chemistry is pretty good. The cougars of daytime always get my vote. I think it's hotter than the older man/younger woman deal because most men tend to look older, where as women get botox and whatever else to keep themselves youthful. I'm 23. maybe I should get me a PYT that's around 18. Smile

I just don't understand how Coop passed up Diva-licious Blake for Beth! Phillip should come back and enlist Blake's help in breaking up Coop & Beth. Alan's better off with Doris.

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Of all the younger actors that are reportedly being let go from Guiding Light, John Driscoll was the only one I was upset to hear about. I have enjoyed the Beth/Coop scenes alot more than I had anticipated! They are smoking hot!

I was never a fan of Coop and Ashlee. They bored me to tears and had zero chemistry...they would have been better off just being good friends.

Hopefull before Coop leaves we will see the fallout when everyone finds out about their affair! I enjoyed the scene when Buzz laid into Beth and told her to end the affair. Finally some good material for the underutilized Justin Deas, who rocked those scenes!

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I think NOT! I grow wery of Beth "finding love" in the arms of any man but the one who fathered her baby. She is always "looking for mr.right!" why not have Beth do something that I've Not seen work things Sad out with Alan or leave!

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Love this story...hope the TPTB reconsider their choice to let go of John Driscoll (COOP) for the sake of great storyline with BETH/ALAN/COOP/ and PHILLIP this will be most fun to watch. Then GL needs to kill GRADY & CYRUS and we'll really be moving in the right direction!!!!! I think they ought to have them actually kill each other by accident would sum it all up quickly so we could move on with characters we really care about. Plus that could be quite comical...I really do want to see GRADY DIE on screen!!!!!!!! I hate this character more than any other in my 25 years of watching.....he's pointless,filty,annd fits in with nobody on the canvas. I do see great progress with the show in the past 2 weeks ...I'm very excited to see GL pick itself up off it's deathbed.

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Beth is freakin hot! Coop is a lucky man.

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