Morning After Poll: The Arrival of Jack Bass

What is everyone's reaction to the arrival of Chuck's (Ed Westwick) uncle Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) on last night's Gossip Girl? Can anyone guess what Daytime Confidential's Naughty Nicki thought?

Possible DVR Spoiler Warning. Do Not Read If You Haven't Watched The Episode: Is it just me or did the end of the episode imply that Blair and Jack slept together over New Years? I was flipping back and forth between Gossip Girl and the Texas vs. OSU game and missed part of the preview for next week.

What do you think of Jack Bass?

He's dark and brooding just like Chuck and I like that!
20% (30 votes)
He's hot!
35% (52 votes)
I'm waiting to see how he factors into things.
19% (29 votes)
I don't like him.
26% (39 votes)
Total votes: 150


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13 August 2008
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A Blair/Uncle Jack hookup was implied, but I'm hoping the promo was misleading. I love Chuck & Blair! Smile

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23 July 2008
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I haven't seen the episode but I've loved Desmond ever since Wrong Turn!


Pushing Daisies - You will always be in my heart!

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24 January 2008
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desmond is hot! i've seen him in other roles and have wanted to do naughty things with him. i think he is perfect for this show and possibly a spoiler for lily and rufus.

hey i don't want blair to have slept with him any more than most, but how many women did chuck have (even in front of her - that's just rude) while he was gone? jus' sayin' goose, gander and all that.

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6 October 2008
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Yea I agree he's completely Hott but I don't trust him at all...I think he and Blair slept together, he was acting way too happy to see her at the limo and club.
Liason love remains the same...

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4 December 2008
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ugh they better not have slept together! my poor C&B loving heart can't take much more...

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16 September 2008
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He couldn't BE any yummier!

And he and Blair totally slept together. Although I HATE the thought of it, I do understand. Unlike boring, predictable Dan and Serena, Chair is complex. Thus, we can't expect them to have happily ever after just b/c Blair says "I love you" and Chuck appears to accept it.

***Bracing myself for the impending soapocalypse.***

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6 January 2008
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I just love him. Seeing him on Dexter only made me like him more.

I was a little upset he didn't do his "Chuck" voice. on Dexter his voice was husky and dark but it wasn't on GG.

I hope they didn't sleep together but something else happened.

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11 June 2008
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something happened, that's obvious but whether or not blair was a complete willing participant I'm not sure of