Now Presenting, Mr. and Mrs. Satan?

It sure looks like Carly (Maura West) stepped right in it on yesterday's episode of As the World Turns. As she was planning an out clause with her ex-tryst's wife Lily, Craig (Jon Lindstrom) was planning to drop their engagment bomb at Metro. It's a simple question, but what do you think about this latest pairing?

Should Carly marry Craig?

58% (147 votes)
42% (106 votes)
Total votes: 253


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Did ATWT's hairstylist confuse Maura West with the actress who plays her daughter Paprika?

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I'd vote but I know by the time I do the s/l will be over.


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I'm definitely enjoying the Carly and Craig journey right now.

I voted "yes", because of the joy it gives me to see Carly being paired up with a man, that appreciates her for who she exactly is: a smart, conniving and loving mother of her kids, who's determined to find some peace and love in her life, hopefully without Jack being the "True North" of it.

I don't really like the Carly character, but I can't stand her when she's all obessed with Jack.

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I totally voted yes. Carly and Craig are one of the few things I'm truly enjoying on the show.

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I most definitely want them to get married......I can't wait to see all the drama this causes.....Hopefully this storyline doesn't move as quickly since this seems too be where they have been going since he returned.....he almost immediately had scenes with Carly......I just hope this doesn't blow up in her face and become another one of the "horrible" things she has done....(I won't hold my breath).......

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I voted yes. Carly and Craig are so much fun to watch plus I love that Craig calls out Jack on his BS and hypocrisy. Craig is no angel but he is complex & always interesting to watch. I think it's time for Carly to have someone in her corner who will make her feel alright instead of someone constantly making her feel like she isn't good enough.

I also like Craig cause he calls Johnny by his name and Dusty only ever seems to call him "MY SON" like he's property.

Then again I am one of the few who liked Carly & Holden. Smile


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I voted "yes". Becuase these two play off each other. They make me luagh (that hasn't happen in a while). They have off the wall straight foward chemistry. And these two about the only reason I watch ATWT's, beside Brattie.....

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I voted no, not becouse I don't like then as a couple but becouse when it ends. It will be one more thing for Jack to tell her he was right and she was wrong.

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The only reason I put it back on my recorder is because of Carly and Craig journey.

The rest I FF, all of it!

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I voted "yes" because I actually started watching this mess of recasts again because of Carly and Craig.

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i voted no why would carly marry craig who was married to her sister and who he tried to kill.

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Of course, I want them to get married. Hopefully, they can crush Dusty in court... Smile

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I voted no. Craig is just using Carly and like h always does is manipulating her to get what he wants. Carly deserves love and not a user. In the end he'll hurt Carly again like he has so many times. He took away her design business and career and hurt both her sisters. The real Carly would be seeking revenge and not a marriage.

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Honestly, I don't give a rip. I'm beginning to FF through most of the show, including Carly and Craig.

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