Alison Stewart: Glittery Hoo-hoo or The Perfect Milkshake?

Watching yesterday's As the World Turns I was struck with a realization. Alison is Oakdale's glittery hoo-hoo, or as Jamey likes to put it must have one fantastic milkshake, because she sure knows how to bring all the boys to the yard. There was Aaron Snyder, Chris Hughes, Dusty Donovan, Casey Hughes and now it seems Matt O'Connor just might be on his way to getting a taste of the Stewart magic. I won't even go into her less than upstanding "career" before her last return to Oakdale. Is there anyone under between eight and thirty that Alison Stewart hasn't slept and isn't gay?

Who is your favorite Alison pairing?

Aaron Snyder
14% (35 votes)
Casey Hughes
27% (66 votes)
Chris Hughes
29% (72 votes)
Dusty Donovan
2% (6 votes)
Matt O'Connor
24% (59 votes)
Someone Else
4% (11 votes)
Total votes: 249


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Why is there not an option for "NO ONE." I do not get this show. I understand a little chem testing, but my god half the men in Oakdale are claiming undying love to her and all I can think is why???? Alison is boring--and they even have her looking downright plain these days. Yet I'm supposed to believe that every man in Oakdale under the age of 30--gay or straight--wants a piece of her?!

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I am with Kerfuffles. I saw "favorite Allison pairing" and wondered if it was a trick question.

I don't actually have one cause I think that for whatever reason, she doesn't have strong romantic or sexual chemistry with ANY man on the show, past or present. I voted Matt just because it's the strongest of all the noms IMO, which is damning with very faint praise.

I like Allison ok but I don't think I have ever come across a character on any soap so unable to spark strong sexual chemistry with anyone else like Allison. It's really weird that she's almost like anti-chemistry when it comes to romantic pairings.

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Honestly, how can one person not generate any sparks with hotties like Chris, Aaron, and Casey?

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That milk went sour. Sad

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Matt of course.

I can't believe there's even a question.

Matt and Ally have great chemistry (just like they did last time he was on the show) and he clearly thinks she is the cat's meow.

Also, I think "BAD" Allison had more sex appeal in general and not just because of the porn thing. The character just seemed less uptight and was a lot sexier and confident when relating to Matt last spring.

Allison needs to open her eyes and leave Casey the hell alone.

Allision seems to be incapable of having a direct conversation with Casey unless she's shooting him down or putting him down or blowing him off.

I don't buy for a second the whole "Allison's too afraid of her feelings" load of hoo haa the ATWT writers are selling. Since when?

They have already had far too many scenes where Casey outright said to Allison that he has feelings for her, believes there is something between them, WANTS HER, etc. for her to turn on a dime and CLAIM that she thinks Casey doesn't want to be with her just because he didn't show up on the roof.

I don't even want to think about the whole "my mother/sister's ex husband and great love" aspect of the story.

I believed that Emily and Casey were mad for each other. Allison, not so much.

I get why Emily doesn't want Allison to be with Casey. Oldest story ever "I can't have you so I don't want anyone else to have you either and especially not my daughter/sister"

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My favorite pairing was Allison and Aaron, but that was when Jessica Dunphy played Allison. I am not a big fan of the recast. Jessica was hot with anyone they put her with.

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I voted for Matt. I thought the last time Matt was in Oakdale that there was a really nice chemistry growing organically between the two. However, their chemistry didn't fall into the plot-driven writing and Matt was sent off to the big house. (I was shocked when they let EWM go last year--I thought he was great addition to the cast)

Unlike many on the blog, I like the actress who plays Alison. But, it seems that JP has absolutely no idea how to write her. Look at all the incarnations the character has gone through since MS took over the role (not to mention hair colors/styles)

Now, there was a brief moment in time when Alison was being written to suit the actress. I believe this was around the time that Matt was on last. She wasn't taking any crap from anyone, didn't care if she had a guy, and seemed to have more sense than the entire population of Oakdale. IMO, this worked very well for MS because the she has certain intelligence that comes through in her scenes. I don't find her as believable playing the df Alison with the emotional make-up of a 14 yr old. It seems that they are trying really hard to make her into the Mini-Meg. And we all know, one Meg on the show is one too many--but that's another rant.

Anyway, love listening to the podcasts. Hope you do a another show soon about how to fix ATWT. I don't think it as bad as some seem to think--but it needs some help ASAP. IMO, this show has the best cast in daytime (excluding Marie W & RH) I have been watching regularly since 1984 and am frustrated with the writing and TIIC over there.

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I vote NO ONE.

This version of Allison Stewart is milquetoast personified, honestly I think Matt managed to spark with Allison despite the character being a chemistry blocker but that is a testament to Eric William Morris's talent.

That is why I would have preferred him to have been cast as Adam Munson Hughes because he has excellent familial chemistry with Margo and probably would with Tom if they were in sufficient scenes together. He's just too good to be attached to this Allison.

If Jessica Dunphy was still playing Allison and the character was written properly then I would bet money Allison would sizzle with everyone they paired her with.

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This version of Allison Stewart is milquetoast personified,
I've tasted Atkins bread with more flavor.

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I really liked Alison with Aaron when Alison was played by Jessica Dunphy (plus they had one of the best couple names ever: Aarson).

For Marnie Schulenburg's Alison, the only one of the characters listed above that she has remotely any chemistry with is Matt. I really hope they drop the Casey/Alison thing, because it is not working for me. At all.

BTW, even though she never slept with him, Will Munson (pre-Gwen) used to have a huge crush on Alison.