Will You Miss Henry Cooper "Coop" Bradshaw?

Henry Cooper "Coop" Bradshaw (John Driscoll) is about to be ushered home on the angelic wings of his mother Jenna Bradshaw  (Fiona Hutchison) and not even the savior of Springfield Phillip Spaulding (Grant Aleksander) will be able to save him.

Will you miss Coop?

Yes! I'll miss him a lot.
59% (428 votes)
I'm ok with the character dying if it furthers story.
12% (90 votes)
No! They shouldn't kill him off.
28% (206 votes)
Total votes: 724


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21 July 2008
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Well, I won't miss him, but I think it's dumb to kill the guy off.

But then again, if the show does end this year, I guess it won't matter.

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6 December 2007
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7 weeks 3 days

I don't know WHY everyone has to DIE??! on this show!!! Everyone, dies except for Cassie( I know a lot of people did'nt like her . . . I did!!!) why could'nt Coope just leave and go back to England??? He could have moved to California! I just don't get it!!! I think its insane for everyone to die and not just move away???

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6 January 2008
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4 years 5 weeks

I don't understand why they have to kill him off. As an aside, isn't John Driscoll a beautiful man? He's so pretty!

I hope he finds work soon. I'm sure ABC will hire him just to tick CBS off!

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14 November 2007
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3 years 50 weeks

I haven't seen GL in a long time, so I'm not really invested in the character, but I'm still shocked that they're killing him off. Though I've always said I'd make the worst soap writer because I'd never want to kill anyone off.

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25 December 2008
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2 years 5 weeks

If you had asked me two weeks ago I wouldn't have cared that Coop is leaving but he has been great these last couple of weeks so it is kind of sad because I finally saw the potential. Are we so sure that Coop will really die though, I mean really die not usual soap deaths ?

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12 November 2008
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4 years 38 weeks

Coop's death is a mistake. I've said it before but Coop was the closest thing GL had to a classic leading man in a desirable demographic. (Even Bill, thouigh I love him, is polarizing).

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23 April 2008
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I am not concerned with wether he lives or dies, but I think this show should learn a lesson and not kill off characters that are tied to families.....they are still paying the consequences....see Phillip, Tammy, Gus, Jenna, Michelle's Mom.....

Put him a coma....line him up next to Carmen Santos!

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22 January 2008
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I am actually okay with this death, and I love the character, but his exit will drive story and reignite the age old Spaulding/Cooper feud, and that could be a good thing.