Elisabeth Hasselbeck Launches QVC Fashion Line

The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck is joining the ranks of QVC pimp mistresses Linda Dano and Joan Rivers by selling a new clothing line on QVC. You can browse her clothes on QVC. Check them out and then come back and vote on whether you'd buy something from Hasselbeck's fashion line.

Would you buy Hasselbeck's clothes?

Yes! I love Elisabeth's fashion sense and I'd buy her clothes
25% (58 votes)
I'd have to see the clothes
17% (40 votes)
No! I wouldn't buy Elisabeth's clothes.
58% (138 votes)
Total votes: 236


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22 January 2008
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Marketing Campaign: "My clothes are just like me, rigid, asexual, conservative and no fun at all! Buy up!"

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4 February 2009
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I wouldn't buy nothing from this TRAINWRECK in MOTION. GO spit your conservative views and ideas out to someone else. Better yet do us all a favor and go away to Oregon and have another 10 babies. Just please stay of our Television Sets.

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14 December 2008
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God Lord, this women's selling *cloths* now? Gods help us all!

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2 February 2009
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oh please is she not rich enough, these stars make me sick, they are so greedy, i have never liked her and would not even look at her clothes let alone buy them. NO THANKS