Grading The ATWT Valentine's Episode

Yesterday As the World Turns featured a special Valentine's episode that put a spin on some old fairy tale and gave its actors a chance to do something a little bit different.
I think my favorite fairy tales were the Pinocchio and the Cinderfella segments. I didn't even recognize Ellen Dolan in the Cinderfella tale. Maura West, Michael Park, Mick Hazen, Jon Lindstrom, Don Hastings and Colleen Zenk Pinter all had great parts. I must admit I even enjoyed Grayson McCouch's Scarecrow too. It was so out of the "I'm a tough guy" role I'm accustomed to seeing him in I couldn't help but smile at it. Then we have the "vortex of suck," Paul and Meg. Apparently, not even the re-imagining of fairy tales can save these two.  Oh and where were Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann as Luke and Noah? Not for nothing, but one or both of them could have been Cinderfella's fairy godfather[s] and it would have been hilarious.

What grade would you give the Valentines episode?

20% (46 votes)
16% (37 votes)
15% (33 votes)
18% (40 votes)
31% (69 votes)
Total votes: 225


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27 January 2008
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Voted F.

I thought it was awful. It was a good idea on paper but the execution was like I said... awful. The only things I enjoyed was seeing CZP and Don Hastings (the only time I laughed was during Bob's comments as The Wizard  "Haven't you seen the movie?" Tongue).

Before watching I was not happy that a large part of the cast was not part of it. After watching it I was happy that most of my favorites were spared from this crap.

It was supposed to be a Valentine show, but there was NO romance.

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22 January 2008
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I liked most of it. The actors were AMAZING, especially Michael Park, Maura West, Collen Zenk Pinter, Mick Hazen and Jon Lindstrom. My favorite was Pinochio, Michael Park as Geppeto and Maura West as the Blue Fairy were Broadway worthy. As usual, that thang that plays Meg was a wet blanket.

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3 December 2008
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I gave it a C. The special V-Day episode was interesting. I didn't hate it, didn't love it. Not sure I want to see something like it again but I applaud TPTB for taking a creative risk. Now if only they would put half as much effort in to the regular show and not these one-off specials, I think things would be better in Oakdale.

Also, I think the V-Day episode would have been good camp if it had been done as a musical, especially with the costumes. Big smile

Oh and where were Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann as Luke and Noah? Not for nothing, but one or both of them could have been Cinderfella's fairy godfather[s] and it would have been hilarious.

I think the premise for the episode was people related or known to Johnny. He's not met either of them, right? Nor even Casey, who he is actually related to. Personally, I think those actors dodged a bullet. Then again, there is their own murder mystery storyline that is Drunk

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8 February 2009
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This episode was awful, from the sets, to the cheesy props (yellow cones anyone), to the the Craig overkill, to 16 year old Parker decked out in pimp gear. V-Day is supposed to be about romance, not some children's stories. And I know the main characters were supposed to be related to Johnny, but please that is a cop out. The producers want to feature the same five actors every day, and this gave them another excuse. I'm okay with that, let the vortex of suck melt them away like CZP's witch, but how about having an eppy for couples in love, like Nuke or Bratie?

I'm sure the actors were supposed to be over the top, but the acting was atrocious. I know everyone thinks Maura West's shit doesn't stink (and she's fine, don't get me wrong) but her and Roger Howarth phoned it in yesterday. That Liberty with her annoying Jimmney Cricket voice almost caused me to have a seizure. I like Jon Lindstrom as Craig, but he played, what?, six characters? Too much. This show needs someone who gives a damn (not Goutman or Passanante) to come in and clean house. It needs an overhaul and fast.

I'm sure Jake and Van saw the script and dropped to their knees praising Jesus they weren't on this crapfest.

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10 December 2008
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I really enjoyed it. A lot of it was very funny and very tongue in cheek. It was humorous to see how the characters perceive themselves and take some pokes at themselves. Sure romance would have been nice but there aren't enough interesting couples on the show these days for a whole show. They could have done some segments for the few there are as part of the regular show.

My favorite segments were Pinocchio and the Wizard of Oz. It was great seeing Carly and Jack flirting and having fun and obviously Michael and Maura were having fun. Grayson was a riot as the Scarecrow and seeing his comedic side was a nice change of pace and shows why they should lighten up Dusty. Colleen Zenk Pinter was fabulous and it just shows why she should be used more. Don Hastings showed again what a funny guy he really is. It was nice to laugh rather than feel compelled to throw something at my TV as the regular show often makes me want to do.

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I gave it an "F", I thought it stunk up the airways!!

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Solid B from me. I thought it was a highly entertaining episode, although not as good as some of their past fantasy shows. Hastings, Zenk Pinter, Lindstrom, and West were outstanding. Maura West's stoner Blue Fairy was hilarious!

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My favorites were CZP and Hastings. Overall it was ok. I liked last year's better. Who couldn't laugh at the Blue Fairy who claimed she valued honesty? There were some downers and maybe it was me, but I thought Cinderfella was going to be about Luke and Noah! The dialogue, costumes and makeup were great.