Love it or Hate it: Lisa Rinna At Oscars

Love it or Hate it: Lisa Rinna at Oscars

Love it!
68% (239 votes)
Hate it!
32% (115 votes)
Total votes: 354


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20 November 2007
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Dear Lisa,

Mrs Barney wants her dress back pronto!

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15 July 2008
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4 weeks 5 days

I actually love the color. Purples and Pinks are very trendy right now.

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3 February 2009
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4 years 21 weeks

The dress looks stunning in its simplicity on Lisa. The hair, however.... better luck next time.

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22 April 2008
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10 weeks 1 day

I really like the dress and her hair. I don't think she looks at all like Mrs. Barney.

I am certainly no fasionishta, but if asked I would give her a thumbs up.

In fact, I thought most of the celebs looked really good last night. Most of what I saw was elegant and bit understated.

Now... I love me some Whoopi Goldberg, but I really thought that her dress was a disaster of the Gloria Abbott Bardwell kind.

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23 February 2009
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6 hours 57 min

The dress is exquisite unfortunately that face and those lips just reminds me of a weathered shoe or a pox ridden dwarf - girlfriend just needs to walk with a bag on her face.She just looks wrong.