Can Don Diamont Make The Bold and the Beautiful Watchable Again?


I don't know many soap critics who watch all eight soaps who wouldn't agree that CBS's one-time guilty pleasure passion pit, The Bold and the Beautiful, is currently the worst soap opera on television. In today's edition of The Nelson Ratings, TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco wonders if the addition of Young and Restless alum Don Diamont to the cast will help get the show back on track. I'm not holding my breath.

Fellow Y&R vet Eileen Davidson's B&B storyline was asinine and contrived—though it was Shakespearean compared to the slop on our screens now—Heather Tom (ex-Victoria, Y&R)  is struggling to bring believability and depth to Katie's storyline, meanwhile her signature role is being water-logged on Y&R. Ashley Jones (ex-Megan, Y&R) is running around in white powder, wearing silly wigs as B&B's Bridget. Do we really expect any better for Diamont?

Yes! B&B needs some new male eye candy who isn't related to the Forresters or Logans!
60% (184 votes)
No, if the storylines still suck ass how can it help? They didn't write for Antonio Sabato Jr for crying out loud!
40% (121 votes)
Total votes: 305


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27 June 2008
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After bringing on Heather Tom and royally messing that up, I don't know... I hope they can pull it off, but I won't hold my breath.

For starters, though, Taylor and Felicia need a good banging

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28 January 2009
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Well this show definitely needed another male hunk in DD's age category so I will wait and see but this show is on a short leash. I'm still hoping that Martha Byrne can also work some magic.

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B&B already has a top notch cast (well, for the most part). As much as I like DD, he can't make B&B watchable again...only the writers can.

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18 August 2008
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I am just glad to see Don again, and I am putting in my vote right now for a summer speedo off between Don and Ronn. I remember when Don used to have to strip down to speedo town every 4th of July.

However, Jamie I think you could have found a flattering picture of Mr. Diamont. He looks a little shiney.

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Possibility are endless now that a Spencer will be back on canvas - it really bring life back to the show that it has lack for quite awhile. However i fear he will be ruined just like Jack/Nick was - UNDECIDED STILL But i will definitely tune in to watch what transpires.

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I decided to be optimistic and say yes but obviously Don Diamont is not a superman who can make a show watchable in spite of bad writing and questionable 'acting' from his costars.
My optimistic hope is that his arrival indicates that tptb have taken a hard look at the show and are going to fix it.

I liked Nick at first but he's such a sleaze. I hope they write him out and bring Deacon back at least he knew what he was.

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Brad Bell & Kay Alden will definitely screw this up...

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Brad Bell needs to go back to the drawing board and get the show back on track because it is a joke. He is the son of Bill Bell and Lee Phillips. Two to the most iconic writers in soap history and they would be ashamed of him turning it into a parody of its former self. MAB, who is married in the family, is writing circles over her brother-in-law who learn from his parents in the business about daytime dramas. I can't watch the show because of "Sick" and Brooke's whining and Ridge's "grief". Ridge is a old pig, just like Eric and nobody on here is much rootable, imo. Something needs to be done to get this show watchable again.