Barbara Walters: Elisabeth Hasselbeck "Essential To The View"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is essential to The View, or at least that is what Barbara Walters believes. When asked by the LA Times why she sometimes shouts over Hasselbeck, Walters said: 

"I think Elisabeth is so essential to the show. But you know, Elisabeth talks very quickly and she's very well informed. And sometimes you have to say, "Let me talk." That is somewhat the result of having five women with strong opinions. What we don't do as much as we used to -- it used to drive me bats -- is talk over each other."

Who do you believe is essential to The View?

14% (53 votes)
19% (72 votes)
36% (139 votes)
1% (2 votes)
31% (117 votes)
Total votes: 383


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23 July 2008
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Um... I think it's been said before. Anyone is recastable!

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1 December 2007
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Whoopi is very needed. She is the calming influence that saves the show from total craziness.

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29 May 2008
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Where is the vote for "none of the above?"

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7 February 2009
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i'm a joy fan. i dvr the show every day and i would not watch it without her.

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20 August 2008
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i agreed with babs right up until she said elizabeth is well informed. clearly she's not. elizabeth herself is not essential, either. that being said, i agree that someone with her viewpoint *is* essential to the show. it would be very boring if everyone just sat around and agreed all the time.

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10 October 2008
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Everyone on the view is essential except Elisabeth.

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22 January 2008
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Any executive producer worth his salt could replace them all tomorrow:

Joy leaves for all those stand up gigs in Hoboken, bring on Joan Rivers, Roseanne, or Kathy Griffin.

Whoop decides to head for the hills, bring on Jada Pinkett Smith.

Replace Sherri with Kym Whitley or dig up Jackee.

Jane Pauley could step in when Babs goes on perma drool.

As for Elizabeth, they sell yappin' little weiner dogs in pet stores all over New York .

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12 July 2008
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I think a conservative voice is essential, just not EH's voice. I voted for Whoopie, myself. EH continues to act like a spoiled, whiny child, when she's disagreed with.

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21 July 2008
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Well, she does make the others look like Mensa members in comparison, so maybe she is essential.

I however voted for Whoopi

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16 March 2008
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I voted for Whoopi. I think she's the best thing to happen to The View since Meredith Viera.

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13 December 2008
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I voted Whoopi as being essential! But Elisabeth is easily replaceable! And should be replaced with a conservative who's more informed and more intellectually acute!

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26 November 2008
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What we don't do as much as we used to -- it used to drive me bats -- is talk over each other."

Seriously Babs?? Anytime I've tuned in, all of them are screaming at the same time. Obviously her dementia only occurs between 11am to 12pm weekdays.

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30 November 2007
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i voted for whoopi...she seems to be the voice of reason amidst chaos and she tells it like it is...i wouldn't really call elisabeth essential, however the dumb things she says provides for some great drama

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14 December 2008
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Elizabeth essential? Yeah, no. I don't get why she is considered the darling of that show.
I don't watch The View after what they did to Rosie, but if I *did* it would be for Whoppi. She is what that show needs. Someone who can counter the mostly [except for Joy] conservitave opinions and can hold her own against all the back biters.