DAYS Video Preview

Wow! This NBC Days Video Preview actually makes the show look good this week (March 23).  A Kiriakis/DiMera war?  I've been waiting for this for awhile! What do you think?

Are you looking forward to seeing Kiriakis vs DiMera?

Yes! Bring it on!
68% (101 votes)
No, it looks stupid
17% (25 votes)
Don't care
15% (22 votes)
Total votes: 148


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This actually does look pretty interesting. Phillip needs a better storyline. He's been hanging around with the Mickey Mouse club for too long. People like Stephanie are bringing him down. Phillip is at his best as a bad boy, not some simpering little puppy trying to please some holier-than-though co-ed.

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With Hackley writing it I can't get too invested in it because I'm pretty sure she'll screw it up! I wouldn't be surprised if it's all about Melanie in the long run. This writing is just so depressing!

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It is a common theme with Dena - the spoilers sound good on paper but rarely deliver onscreen.  But, I was just glad that the preview showcased someone other than Nicole, Chloe or Sami for a change.

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Philip and Nicole would be hot. Hook them up and let EJ and Philip fight for control of Salem and for Nicole's heart.