The Bold and the Beautiful's 19 Trips To The Altar

In honor of The Bold and the Beautiful's 22nd anniversary Entertainment Weekly has a new list "19 Trips To The Altar." I missed the September 2003 wedding of Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (Ronn Moss) where they look like they just ran off the stage of Broadway's Lion King, but that is my choice just because of the attire. Oh, and what is up will all the white suites?

Which of the 19 trips to the altar was your favorite?

Ridge and Caroline:: JANUARY 1990
14% (26 votes)
Brooke and Eric: JANUARY 1991
5% (10 votes)
Ridge and Taylor: 1992
11% (20 votes)
Brooke and Ridge: SEPTEMBER 1994
16% (29 votes)
Brooke and Grant: JANUARY 1997
0% (0 votes)
Brooke and Ridge: JANUARY 1998
1% (2 votes)
Ridge and Taylor: JUNE 1998
9% (16 votes)
Ridge and Taylor: JANUARY 2001
3% (6 votes)
Brooke and Thorne: JANUARY 2001
1% (2 votes)
Brooke and Whip: MAY 2002
2% (4 votes)
Brooke and Ridge: MAY 2003
1% (2 votes)
Brooke and Ridge: SEPTEMBER 2003
2% (3 votes)
Brooke and Nick: JUNE 2004
2% (4 votes)
Brooke and Ridge: JULY 2004
1% (1 vote)
Ridge and Taylor: JUNE 2005
4% (8 votes)
Brooke and Ridge: FEB/MARCH 2006
0% (0 votes)
Brooke and Nick: JULY 2006
10% (18 votes)
Ridge and Ashley: SEPTEMBER 2007
2% (4 votes)
Brooke and Ridge: JANUARY 2009
17% (31 votes)
Total votes: 186


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Ridge and Ashley didn't get married!

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Ashley and Ridge didn't even plan a wedding. She was engaged to him and a minute later, Brooke was all over him and the engagement was called off. Is that a trip to the altar?

I voted for the Brooke and Ridge wedding in Malibu 1994. Even I'm not a fan of them and think that Brooke was better off with anyone but Ridge ... the wedding was really beautiful and the best that B&B ever had.
The last attempts, beginning in 2003, were just annoying. Only the Brooke/Nick wedding in 2006 wasn't bad. But there they began to write awful for Nick, turned him into a controlling businessman, before becoming the man-HO of L.A.

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A really bad and pathetic article, AW should check the writer's mental health. Brooke cancelling the wedding with Ridge because she felt she was a bad mother? how about because he had an affair with Bridget!
Also no mention of R&T's hospital wedding as the result of Stephanie's fake heart attack. Poorly written badly executed.

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My favorite Brooke pairing was Thorne and Deacon. Winsor and KKL was hot and I wish that Brad would of kept them together. Deacon and Brooke was forbidden, but KKL and Sean have hot chemistry and I love was sympathetic to Brooke about betraying her daughter. Then it became a tradition to break Bridget's heart. Brooke and Ridge was good a long time ago, but that shipped sailed and time to move on. I also love Brooke and Nick until they have her sleep with Ridge again. Brooke needs to be single for a while and dumped that loser Ridge for good.

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Boy, they stretched to make that 19, didn't they, by including aborted ceremonies, renewing of vows and even an engagement that never even got to the wedding planning stage. I'm voting for the 1994 Malibu wedding. Even though I had reservations about Ridge later on, I really believed in him and Brooke then, plus the production values and the two day wedding really stand out, even today.

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I hate Ridge and Desperate-I-can't-live-without-having-a-man-even-if-he's-my-daughter's-man-ex husband's-son-ex husband's-brother-etc-etc-Brook being together. They're annoying. Honestly, Ridge was a better man with Taylor in the earlies, but now, I'm not even sure. Brooke needs to wallow in a pool by herself. Full time for Bridget to get her fairytale. I think they should pair her with that detective's son only if they weren't so annoying with their darn investigations.

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Taylor Hayes was not Caroline Spencer's NURSE! She was her cancer doctor!