Brady and Melanie Kiss on Days of Our Lives

Dig out those barf bags. Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Melanie (Molly Burnett) kissed on today's episode of Days of Our Lives. I was all prepared to create a poll about Brady and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and then I was blinded by this latest Melanie atrocity. Is there any way to have my memory erased like on Dollhouse? I might actually pay to have it done.

Who do you want Brady with?

29% (261 votes)
40% (361 votes)
13% (115 votes)
Someone Else
18% (166 votes)
Total votes: 903


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27 November 2007
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I can`t believe that no one wanted Brady with Nicole or Melanie and some of you voted for Chloe ,I voted for someone new.

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12 February 2008
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I vote for someone new. Chloe could be thrown in a triangle with Phliip & Stephanie. I'm still a Phloe fan. Nicole & EJ deserve each other. Lumi, baby!!!

How about we pair Melanie with some cement shoes? Smile

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15 May 2008
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Thebest shame on you! That Lumi ship has sailed. *LOL* Eric must have pissed SOMEONE off at DAYS to be sucking face with that damn Melanie!

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14 November 2007
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I want to vomit. I WANT TO VOMIT!!!!! One barf bag is not enough - I need 100!!

WTF??? WHY??

*gag* *gag*

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31 March 2008
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I'm sorry. I don't watch this show (and haven't since the days of Tropical Temptation) but this twitch named Melanie looks bad even when she's in a romantic moment. I can't imagine her sex scenes. I did see her first day on YouTube. She's cute but needs to stay on the Green Screen Internet they had her in. And Days' Technology has always been laughable.

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19 November 2007
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Brady: Melanie, I know now that I love men. Dr. Daniel...

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10 November 2008
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GAG me that CHILD melanie i hope this is a one time thing
brady needs a woman not a whiny child

on a side note i bet it was pretty weird for eric and ari to kiss since they are long time real life friends as well as their spouses prolly just laughed thru i i just might ask him he is great about replying to us Wink

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14 July 2008
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I can NOT believe they got rid of CHRISTIE CLARK only to bring on someone who is worse at acting! At least Carrie was a Brady and had a REAL connection to the show!

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8 May 2008
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I chose Melanie with EJ. He would get rid of her and be done with it, LOL.

Brady needs to be with Kate. He needs a older woman to get his freak on with.Smile

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22 January 2008
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From Teresa Lopez-Fitzgerald to Melanie, my how the mighty haven fallen.

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Don't mind Melanie getting her mitts on Brady/Eric as long as she stays away from Rafe/Galen. Don't be kissing my Galen, you skank!

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Brady needs a new woman, none of them deserve him anymore! At least, none of them the way they're currently being written.

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25 February 2009
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Nicole and Brady

He loves her she needs someone who loves her there ya have it.

Brady kissing that idiot child is a new low for the writers. I don't care how they write this chick her giggling drives me crazy its like she's possessed with stupidity.

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10 April 2008
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I think Molly Burnett does a great job as Melanie. I do not get the Melanie hate at all. She is only thing remotely interesting on the show.

I want Brady with Nicole, but I am just glad he is getting any action at this point. He has been used as the platonic best friend to all the women in Salem for far too long.