Should The Bold and the Beautiful's Bill Spencer Jr. Shave?

Don Diamont fans are reacting to the first images of his new character Bill Spencer Jr. on The Bold and the Beautiful sporting a beard (see clip above). At least one industrious fan believes that Bill Jr. is in need of a shave. What do you think?

Should Bill Spencer Jr. shave or keep the beard? 

Yes! Bill Spencer Jr. needs to shave ASAP.
24% (101 votes)
No! Bill Spencer Jr. needs to keep the scruff.
76% (313 votes)
Total votes: 414


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28 January 2009
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That fan did a pretty good job with that site. BTW, I might prefer the beard. The jury is out until we see him a bit on BB. Brad Carlton just died a few months ago on YR so maybe DD is going for a new look on purpose.

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27 December 2007
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Wow did anyone else see a resemblance to Ted King with the side shots of DD?

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The beard fits the darker character DD has described in interviews, IMO, so I personally think he should keep it. Besides, I'm more interested in what Bill does on (and for) the show than I am in the amount of hair he has on his cheeks.

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12 February 2008
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Ew, he looks skeevy with that scruffy face. SHAVE!