Rafe vs. Paul: Who Is The Better Baby Daddy?

I couldn't help but wonder at the irony of today's Days of Our Lives and As the World Turns episodes. On Days of Our Lives Rafe (Galen Gering) sang to Sami's (Alison Sweeney) daughter. On As the World Turns Paul (Roger Howarth) "kidnapped" his daughter, took her on the run and then pulled her into his obsession for Rosanna (Cady McClain). For some reason I think that Rafe - who isn't the biological father of Sami's child - would/will make a much better father than Paul ever will.

Who do you think is/would be the better baby daddy?

20% (44 votes)
80% (174 votes)
Total votes: 218


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I don't even watch Days and I have to vote for Rafe. Paul is so insane that he makes his father look like a model parent, and he shouldn't be allowed within 50 miles of a child, much less have custody of one.

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It's so sad, but with how TIIC are writing Paul, he's slowly turning into his father, James Stenbeck.

James, for most of his life was obessed with Barbara (his wife), Emily (his mistress) and his son.

Look at what's happened with Paul.

Paul, becomes obessed with ANY woman that comes across his path (Emily, Rose, Rosanna and his current obession, Meg) and now he's got custody of his baby, Eliza.

I don't even watch DAYS, so anyone would be a better daddy on that show compared to Paul. I'm also including the rapist EJ in that comparison.

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Rafe is no baby's daddy. He has glommed onto the child of some other man. The father of that child has no idea she even exists. I think he's creepy.

Paul may loony, but at least that baby is his.

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Paul Ryan a father in any sense, is this a rhetorical question?

I'm sorry but James Stenbeck is a much better father than Paul could ever be because at least with James a child would at least be well educated and have a healthy dose of common sense unlike with Paul who is a full fledged psychotic and obsessive MORON.

Rafe OTOH seems to be loving and understanding and added bonus he's not a creepy, felonious loser like Paul Ryan, who doesn't deserve the good name of Stenbeck.

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Hey, Mrs Adam Carrington, you are right. Paul needs to be in a strait jacket before before being a father. Rafe does want to do the right thing and is sane, unlike Paul here.

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No one here obviously watches ATWT, including the blogger
"...his obsession with Ro"? He bumped into Ro.
Paul loves his daughter and I only wish he was crazy or insane, he isn't.