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Coming up on Days of Our Lives (June 1 - 5), there's something seriously wrong with baby Grace.  It's every mother's nightmare; is Sami (Alison Sweeney) about to lose a child?

Are there too many baby deaths on soaps?

Yes - nearly every soap has had at least one in the past 12 months
71% (25 votes)
No - they are a necessary part of soap storytelling
14% (5 votes)
Don't care
14% (5 votes)
Total votes: 35


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The switched baby is a cliche. Every soap seems to use it every couple of years in some kind of variation.

Inevitably, the child becomes ill and needs donated blood or something else and the real parents must be found to donate, blah, blah, blah. Frankly, I'd like to see this dropped from the soap writers' bag of tricks.

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I'm tired of all the death on Days. Death is a part of life but not this much.

They've had like a dozen characters die in the last year on that show. And the fact that they brought three babies on board for this storyline, and two of them are dead, just makes me sigh.

There are so many other things in life that breaks your heart, makes you sad, makes you frustrated that this soap could deal with. I'm tired of the death.

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There was a time where children in peril/dying was compelling soap opera - because it was rare, shocking and spun story for years - think bj's heart on GH or when Karen switched Katrina's baby with Jenny's stillborn infant. Now all 3 of my abc shows have similiar stories going or potentially going at the same time. Add DOOL's Grace and we are at 50%. Its become meaningless because the idea is overused.

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the whole killing babies off is so over done and sad but soaps do use it so often i have no doubt i will be in tears when grace dies
but i know one reason will be how awesome galen & ali
will be acting out this horrible tragedy since both of them are real life parents that will for sure impact their performance


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I don't see why this s/l needs another dead baby. I wished that the writers would of looked a little deeper and tried something original or at least did something hasn't been done to death. Hasn't Sami cried enough?

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I'm tired of the overuse of miscarriages & children in peril stories. It's just too much and honestly I don't think the stories are done justice - it often feels like just a convenient plot device. A death of a child can be a really powerful and devastating story, for example SoapNet just recenetly aired baby Edmund's death on Ryan's Hope and I cried hysterically...but a story like that should be done rarely, because as hearbreaking as it can be, it's not exacly the entertainment I'm looking for from my soaps.

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Has it been confirmed that baby Grace is going to die? If so, then, yes they are going a bit overboard with this soap cliche.

More importantly though, I think its kind of insensitive to have Alison Sweeney play a baby-in-peril/baby death storyline right after she has given birth.

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If what I read is true Patsy Pease's character miscarried on the show when she was pregnant in real life. You can't and shouldn't always allow actors personal lives dictate story.

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Yeah, this is an overused plot device and it needs to stop because we are in a recession and people don't want to watch the news on soaps. They want fun and excitement and action, not a baby dying when you see that on the news and in real life.