Mark Consuelos Would Rather Jump Through Glass

Don't count on ever seeing Mark Consuelos on Dancing With the Stars. E! Online is reporting that the actor has turned down the reality show's producers, when asked to be apart of the show. Consuelos goes so far as to tell E! "I'd rather jump through a plate glass window on fire than dance in front of America."

Would you have liked to see Mark Consuelos on Dancing With the Stars?

Yes! I'd love to see Mark on DWTS
61% (118 votes)
No! I don't want to see Mark on DWTS
11% (21 votes)
Who cares? I don't watch DWTS
29% (56 votes)
Total votes: 195


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If DWTS is looking for Hispanic former soap stars, may I suggest Kamar De Los Reyes? Sure, he doesn't have the same name recognition as Mr. Kelly Ripa, but I know from 2 Super Soap Weekends that the man can dance!

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I don't even *like* DWTS and I think that was a jerky thing to say. He should be glad he was asked!