Could Lauralee Bell Reunite With Thom Bierdz on The Young and the Restless?

In an interview, with Michael Fairman, Lauralee Bell talks about Maria Arena Bell's decision to bring Thom Bierdz back to The Young and the Restless and teases the possibility of her reuniting with former co-star onscreen.

MICHAEL: Are you happy the show brought him back, with a potential for him to be part of a gay storyline?

LAURALEE: I am so glad Maria Arena Bell (co-executive producer and head writer, “Y&R”) is bringing him back, and hopefully, it should be a storyline where everyone learns from it. I wish Thom could get married to a man on the show. It would be so great. We need that.

MICHAEL: Are you considering returning to “Y&R”? Now, seems like the perfect time!

LAURALEE: Of course it’s possible, when you bring back Thom Bierdz and Tricia Cast (Nina)…

Would you like to see a Thom Bierdz, Tricia Cast and Lauralee Bell reunion?

Yes! I'd love to see a reunion
75% (438 votes)
No! It doesn't matter if Cricket returns.
25% (146 votes)
Total votes: 584


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Yeah, bring back the weakest link. I kid.

Hmm...I think that Cane is going to turn out to be a Chancellor. Phillip Chancelor Jr. didn't really die in the crash. He faked his death and years later also faked the death of his son P3. P3 met his brother Cane and convinced him to go claim the family fortune. (Somehow, the show has to redeem Cane. I feel sorry for Jill!)

I seriously don't want P3 to be some jerk who faked his death, dumping his wife and child, because he wanted to be free to be gay. In 1989, being gay was tough (just slightly less as it is now) but dumping your kid seems so lowly.

Of course, P3's alcoholism could now be explained by his agonizing over his homosexuality...

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I could do with out the return of Cricket/Christine. I could do without a token gay story line, and I could sure do without a same sex marriage.

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I'm no big fan of the bug but I would love to see Cricket, Nina and Phillip together on my screen again. That's where my nostalgia ends though, no need for Danny to return.

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With all due respect to her parents, who created the BEST Dram on the dial, I wouldn't be super excited to have the Bug return.... her character I never really enjoyed.... a two day stint, something like that would be a fun idea.....but just a brief return....

speaking of Brief - where's Raul??!

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The character that needs to come back as a gay man is Danny Romalotti. Think about it - it is so obvious. It can explain why after starting to go on tour, Danny sent Daniel to boarding school. Danny is NOT Daniel's biological father, and Phyllis - really unstable at that time - was in no condition to be his mother. Danny was afraid if he was outed as gay and after falling in love with a guy, sent Daniel to boarding school so he wouldn't find out.

Also, Katherine's "Funeral" while great, left me with one nagging problem. Nina lives in LA and Danny lives in Malibu and they acted like they had not seen each other in years - what if Nina knew that Danny was gay and he had been confiding in her for years! How fun would it be if Y&R did a location shoot at a gay coffee house in West Hollywood and while Nina goes to the bathroom, Danny sees real Phillip kissing another man! Danny claims to have run into an ex-boyfriend and rushes Nina out of the coffee house before she can see him.

Imagine Christine's reaction when she finds out that two of her loves were gay. To further complicate things, it can be revealed who the REAL love of Danny's life is - Paul. It can explain why even though they (Danny and Paul) "fought" over Christine for years, yet they remain friends today. He came between Paul and Christine because he wanted Paul for himself, but knew he couldn't since Paul is straight. Danny's real "logic" and motivation fighting for Christine is revealed that if Paul wasn't with her, hence he was available for Danny.

With Patty back in the fold and Traci making appearances every now and then, it could be one hell of an umbrella story involving: Phillip, Danny, Nina, Christine, Phyllis, Cane, Lilly, Phillip IV, Daniel, Amber, Katherine, Jill, Traci, Patty and Lauren.

Then add Noah (finding Danny brave for coming out of the closet even though he is a public figure) coming out of the closet to Danny, then Victor, Ashley, Nick, Sharon, Jack, Victoria, Nikki, Michael and Eden (should MTS come back) are involved. Imagine Victor and Nick hell bent on "fixing" his grandson and Noah being so mad at Nick and Victor for not accepting his being gay that Noah runs to stay with Jack, who is extremely supportive. It would put a whole new spin on Nick/Sharon/Jack/Phyllis that is organic and makes sense. Add them all together, that's 25 characters connected to a single story!

Hopefully Maria Arena Bell goes there - it would be great.