Should Nicole Tell Sami Her Daughter Is Alive?

In an interview with Sara Bibel at Fancast, Arianne Zucker talks about Nicole's guilt and whether or not she should tell Sami (Alison Sweeney) that her daughter is still alive. 
Is there a part of Nicole that wants to tell Sami her baby is still alive?

Zuker: I think there’s a tremendous amount of guilt, but I don’t think she really wants to tell her. She fell in love with that child.

I know many fans hate Nicole, but I've always been a fan of the character. Personally, I'm gearing up for this storyline. I hope that it delivers the blockbuster fight  scenes between Sami and Nicole I know it can.

Should Nicole tell Sami that her daughter is alive?

Yes! Sami deserves to know her daughter is alive.
89% (320 votes)
No! After everything Sami has done throughout the years she doesn't deserve to know.
11% (39 votes)
Total votes: 359


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Yes Sami deserves to know that her biological daughter is alive.
Ari is amazing I hope the writers plan on redeeming Nicole b/c I love this character. It will be a total shame if they just throw her out after this s/l is over. Until the last few weeks she has been the only reason I even bothered watching.

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Yes of couse Sami should know her bio daughter is alive.

That doesnt meant I think Sami is as blameless as people keep saying. What Sami did to EJ was just as bad IMHO as what Nicole did to Ejami.

Of course they'll keep Nicole. I dont know if they should redeem her, evil crazy Nicole is alot more fun than the weepy weakling DiMera wife that the character's become.

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Yeah, tell her the truth and face Sami's wrath. But Sami isn't no angel even, didn't she try to sell Belle on the black market. Even though what Nicole did is despicable and wrong, Sami did worse things two and I want to see a feud between them heat up with Sami getting her bitch back again.