Is Paul's Amnesia the Real Deal on ATWT?

Paul Ryan (Roger Howarth) has lied, cheated, lied, attempted murder, lied and much more to keep Meg (Marie Wilson) at his side. His enemies are numerous, but Dusty (Grayson McCouch) and Damian (Paolo Seganti) are at the top of his list. Last week, surgeons found a microchip in Paul's brain presumably implanted at some point by his father, James Stenbeck (Anthony Herrera). When it was removed, Paul's memory was lost and his long suffering mother (Colleen Zenk Pinter) was the first to find out. Considering Paul's troubled history...

Do you think Paul is faking his amnesia?

No, Paul lies all the time and this is no different.
20% (47 votes)
Yes, Paul is the victim of his father and deserves another chance.
32% (73 votes)
Who cares? This is the Vortex of Suck!
48% (110 votes)
Total votes: 230


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At this point, who really cares? If James put a microship in Paul's head, then why hasn't he embraced his Stenbek side yet? This is how you know that hack, JP, is writing this crap up as she goes along, without looking back at past crap to see if things match up. James' main goal with Paul was to get him to act like a true Stenbeck and do his bidding. If there was a microchip in place, why has the plan fail miserably over the years?

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Well, can Paul go crazy and kill Meg and then shoot himself? Crazy