Grade Kish's Kiss Using the Buffalo Wild Wings Scale

Grade Kish's (Brett Claywell and Scott Evans) kiss on today's One Life to Live, using the Buffalo Wild Wings scale of hotness.

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How hot was it?

42% (343 votes)
8% (62 votes)
Mango Habanero
6% (48 votes)
18% (145 votes)
Asian Zing
4% (31 votes)
Spicy Garlic
5% (43 votes)
12% (97 votes)
1% (9 votes)
Sweet BBQ
5% (39 votes)
Total votes: 817


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5 July 2008
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That Kiss was great and especially the talk before the kiss. It was so well written. Brett & Scott were great and on fire today. I see emmy nods for both. Best news the kiss continues tomorrow.

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20 August 2008
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just finished watching it on my DVR (slight SPOILER ALERT - STOP READING IF ON THE WEST COAST)...
scroll down if you've already seen it.

it was *AWESOME*!!!!! in fact, it was much more than i ever expected from a daytime soap writing crew. the entire scene was brilliantly written and portrayed so beautifully by scott evans and brett claywell. as someone with a gaggle of gays, i have heard their coming out stories for years and this one rang so true. the pain in kyle's eyes as he berated fish for not being true to himself, the agony in fish's voice when he spoke about "losing everything", kyle's pleading with fish to come clean and live his life openly and honestly, fish's denial of who he really is as he desperately threw out all his excuses for staying in the closet, and the finally THE KISS.... sheer freakin' brilliance!!


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9 June 2009
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Everything about Kish was amazing today, the kiss, the acting, the story. Everything.

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8 May 2008
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I am kish fanatic. This is the most realistic gay s/l and the characters are complex and not being made the saintly social issue of the month. I loving them and hope that Kyle is still the bad guy with a good heart.

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8 April 2009
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I don't know about the kiss...but the dialogue before that was absolutely amazing....I can't recall anyone EVER addressing sexuality with that much candor in daytime (or primetime for that matter).

The writers of that scene deserve high praise, as do the actors who delivered it.

Luke's post about OLTL continues to be validated.

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26 June 2009
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The kiss was great but the confrontation that leads to it was even greater!
I'm amazed how this storyline is written so good so far

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23 May 2009
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Can't find the words to describe how good Kish scene was today! There was passion in the kiss but there was even more passion in the confrontation between the two of them.

Even if Fish isn't ready to admit it right now, they are sooooo in love!!!

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1 July 2008
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From DIALOGUE to acting to production values, the Oliver and Kyle scenes were Very well-done. Plus, I get the feeling that Kyle and Oliver will be treated exactly like every other romantic couple (warts and all) on OLTL - and that is refreshing.

I also loved that Kyle initiated the kiss and Oliver, unable to help himself, simply gave way to passion.

Love In The Afternoon! Wink

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9 February 2008
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Gotta echo all the comments so far! Not only was the kiss fantastic, but the scenes leading up to it were absolutely gripping. Brilliant writing and acting: Brett Claywell's portrayal of Kyle's unashamed love for Fish and his determination to express that was dazzling ("I loved you! I still do!") and Scott Evans' portrait of a man consumed by guilt and desire was utterly heartbreaking ("I could lose everything..."). Quite honestly, this continues to be THE finest portrayal of a gay romance I've seen on TV, daytime OR primetime!

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4 May 2008
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I watched today's show specifically for the kiss. I like OLTL quite a bit but I find I never get a chance to see it.

Loved the kiss! I feel sorry for Layla, though. I feel like she may become a martyr for women with lovers on the down low and might get stuck in that position as a character for quite some time.

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21 November 2008
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Yeah, but it's still the most screentime she's gotten since Adrianna left town.

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10 May 2008
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Everything about today's show was good and then we get Kish KISS! The confrontation betweek Kyle/Oliver was great, I'm looking forward to Friday's show...

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25 December 2008
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I think I officially have a crush on Brett! I liked him when he was the idiot on OTH but now he has taken over Chris Engen's nr.2 spot (I know, I know)

The storyline has been really well done and the acting is amazing. I thought the kiss was pretty darn hot.

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22 April 2009
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I loved the honesty in the dialogue and the acting. Great stuff!

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28 November 2008
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WOW! Incredible scenes today. Brett gave me goosebumps, and I have not been this excited about a couple in a long time. Fish and Kyle have very quickly become a major part of the Llanview canvas.

Thank you One Life for telling this story. It is putting all the other soaps to shame.

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20 January 2008
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The kiss was nice, but I found the confrontation and Kyle's scenes with Roxy even more powerful and passionate. I never thought I would like Kyle, but as they've fleshed out his character, I don't know what Fish was thinking dumping him!

Brett and Scott are doing a fantastic job in an honest, earnestly written and produced storyline.

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14 December 2008
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I voted Blazin and I'm mot even the biggest Kish fan here!
This storyline has been really well crafted so far and the actors have amazing chemistry! I loved Kyle's declaration/lecture to Fish before the kiss. Bravo to everyone involved!

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4 November 2009
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Absolutely, right on about every point. It was written so well: lover versus fear/hate; the desire to one day marry the man you love; etc. All beautifully real!