Who Would You Lather? Zach vs. Brad

Brad - Austin Peck
31% (118 votes)
Zach - Thorsten Kaye
69% (258 votes)
Total votes: 376


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27 November 2007
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Sorry BRAD from AS THE WORLD TRUNS but I voted for Thorsten Keye`s Zach all the way hands down Smile Wink Wink Wink .I just love him .

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22 August 2007
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Poor Luke- he thought putting Thorsten up against the HOT Austin Peck would be a no contest for Thorsten. Ends up it was, but not the way Luke hoped.

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20 December 2007
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Sorry Brad. I voted for Zach. He's hawt!

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17 December 2007
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Zach all the way :jawdrop:

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6 February 2008
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Zach is Da Bomb! Only You, Zach!!