Who Should Jackie M Choose on B&B?

General Hospital may have wasted Rick Hearst, but The Bold and the Beautiful isn't. His character Whip has already been thrown into a triangle with Jackie M. and Owen Knight. Considering the popularity of both actors portraying Jackie's love interests, it will be interesting to see who wins out in the end.

Who do you want Jackie with?

54% (193 votes)
36% (129 votes)
Someone else
10% (36 votes)
Total votes: 358


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29 April 2009
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Owen or Whip? - that's a tough call as I like both. Good luck Jackie.

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8 May 2008
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Why not have both men? Ridge has Brooke and Taylor fighting over him and sharing him, why not Jackie. Go on Jackie, get your shine on. Big smile

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10 May 2009
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I have to agree with you......You GO Girl........have all the fun you can.

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I want the triangle to run for a good while longer... Jackie deserves the attention from both men :D