Lesli Kay and Katherine Kelly Lang on the Red Carpet

The Bold and the Beautiful's Lesli Kay and Katherine Kelly Lang on the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Animation and Daytime Programming Peer Groups Salute 61st Primetime and 36th Daytime Emmy Award Nominees' red carpet.

Photo by PR Photos

Whose dress do you like best?

Lesli Kay's Dress
60% (221 votes)
Katherine Kelly Lang's Dress
40% (149 votes)
Total votes: 370


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28 August 2009
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I hate to say this but I like Leslie's dress better. The floral thing going on with KKL's dress is just ugly.

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3 February 2008
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Neither. LK's dress looks like Whoopie Goldberg's after the shredder incident in the movie Jumpin' Jack Flash. KKL's dress looks like ugly curtains from the 1970's. I DO like LK's shoes (although not the dark nail polish on her toes) and KKL's purse, though.

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19 August 2009
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Here's the video of Lesli Kay choosing her 2009 emmy dress


The actress looks absolutely stunning! Fantastic clip with lots of funny moments. Just a suggestion but maybe DC could put this up on the main page...it's definitely very entertaining to watch