Love it or Hate it: Stacy Haiduk

The Young and the Restless' Stacy Haiduk on the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Animation and Daytime Programming Peer Groups Salute 61st Primetime and 36th Daytime Emmy Award Nominees' red carpet.

Photo by PR Photos

Love it or Hate it?

Love it!
35% (159 votes)
Hate it!
65% (297 votes)
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29 June 2009
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YESSS! Work, bitch!

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29 May 2008
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1 year 3 weeks

Well, that confirms it for me that the tattoo was real on Burn Notice.

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3 December 2008
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45 weeks 1 day

I like the tattoo but the dress looks like a slip or nightgown

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16 December 2007
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18 weeks 2 days

I actually like the dress.But I don't like tattoos.

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28 August 2009
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4 years 20 weeks

I love the dress and I'm a tattoo girl myself. Love it!

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22 January 2009
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14 weeks 5 days

I LOVE the confidence she is projecting, but the shoes and bag have to go.

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12 February 2008
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20 hours 25 min

A simple black dress on a beautiful women...I approve!

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11 December 2008
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5 weeks 6 days

Love Stacy Haiduk as Patty. It doesn't matter what she wears, she still can't seem to look feminine to me.

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14 March 2009
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23 hours 48 min

A little more shapeless than I'd like to see but she pulls it off. The simplicity of the dress plays well off the visible tattoo.