DAYS Video Preview

On Days of our Lives this week (Sep 7-11), Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Arianna (Lindsay Hartley) slept together. Why has Arianna had a change of heart over their budding relationship? Was it something Brady said?

Do you like Brady and Arianna as a couple?

43% (215 votes)
46% (227 votes)
Don't care
11% (55 votes)
Total votes: 497


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12 February 2008
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I like them. With DAYS having similar writing to PASSIONS, I believe that lightning can strike twice.

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21 November 2008
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Even though we seem to be on the same team here, THEBEST, I must disagree with the comparisons about the writing on Days and Passions. The latter was always a plodding, campy hot mess where Days, to me, is becoming a major soap again.

The addition of the Passion players (the three best actors on that show) and CC are wise casting decisions and I think the writing is better than it has been in a couple of years. I'm no fan of Higley and lived through the Spencer/Margaret days of OLTL, but I have to say that I am lately loving DAYS in a big time way.

I think the bottom line is that Days is carrying itself like a classically-styled soap -- it looks and feels like a soap and has a strong and improving cast.

Yes, Days has won me over -- but it might be because OLTL (my all-time fave) has been AWFUL here lately. And I think Days is doing better than any other soap right now in terms of saving itself from GL's fate.

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14 December 2008
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I think they're really cute together. It's funny to see "Theressa" telling "Ethan" no for a change. I have to switch to Days.

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Oh god..Here come all the Passions fans. The beginning of the end for Days.