Hot or Not? Day's Devil in a Red Dress

Kate (Lauren Koslow) chose to stay out of prison by marrying the man who allegedly shot her son Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson). As her wedding day approaches, a couple of not-so-well wishers lined up to take their shots at the Days of our Lives villainess. Kate shared a great scene with Victor (John Aniston), who prompty derailed her money train before kicking her out of the mansion. Philip turned up and pleaded with his mother to turn herself in to save their tattered relationship. The big question of course, is not whether or not she will actually marry Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), but whether or not you like what she's wearing.

What do you think of Kate's wedding gear?

Hot! Kate always brings it!
61% (155 votes)
Not! Who wears red to a wedding?
33% (83 votes)
I didn't even notice!
7% (17 votes)
Total votes: 255


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3 December 2008
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She looked like a drag queen with that dress and all those accessories and such heavy make-up. I don't think a drag queen would be caught dead with that hair, though.

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6 August 2008
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So funny and I was LOL at snooty Kate looking like a she-devil marrying the devil himself. Victors comments were so spot on and had me roaring with laughter. I thought the china doll look suited Kate as Victor commented about showing off his trophy when Kate complained about the big to do.

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11 December 2008
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She really is one of my favorite characters of all time. She is so under-the-radar in the soap world but she represents everything this genre is about-scheming, bitchiness, surviving. She so Machiavelli.

I just hope they don't write her off because Vivan is coming. I can deal with 2 villainesses.

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18 August 2008
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Not sure about the dress but yesterdays show was great. I think GH and OLTL has a high standard to beat in terms of weddings this week.

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9 October 2007
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Now that GL is off, I've been "reassigned" to Days and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the episode. I tried to watch it when Hogan was on, but I just could not get into it. It's much better now!

Kate looked hot, but there was an excess of beads. She wasn't at Mardi Gras!