Can Adam Be Redeemed on The Young and The Restless?

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has a new interview up with Michael Muhney, where the question was posed, can the character of Adam be redeemed on The Young and the Restless?

TVG: Do you think Adam is irredeemable? Are you worried that Y&R may have written Adam into a corner?

MM: The lead characters in some of my favourite films — from Scarface to Goodfellas and Citizen Kane — are truly corrupt, warped and manipulative minds, but at the same time, as a viewer, you find that you are cheering for them because perhaps even worse people surround them. Sometimes you have to torture an audience so they can feel the character’s torture. If the audience can understand their plight, then they will go on the ride with you. That doesn’t mean characters like Adam are necessarily redeemable. I don’t think redemption is necessarily necessary for Adam. I have no idea where the writing is headed, but at this juncture, I have to play Adam as such. Adam just needs to find his Rosebud, so to speak.

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What do you guys think? Can Victor Newman's bad seed son one day be redeemed?


Sure! If Phyllis, Kevin and Michael could be forgiven for past crimes, why not Adam?
41% (318 votes)
Not no, but hell no! He all but killed Ashley's baby, and now has stolen Sharon's!
36% (281 votes)
I stopped caring about this character once Chris Engen left the role.
22% (172 votes)
Total votes: 771


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23 July 2008
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Please! We have men who re-rape women as romantic leads. He can be redeemed.

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7 August 2009
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I voted for option three because I don't care what Adam does. I find him repulsive and that won't change for me but who knows about the general audience. However, his quote makes me think that he doesn't really understand the genre when he compares it to the likes of Scarface.

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He can be redeemed. This is a soap.

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19 June 2009
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I think he can be redeemed, but the writers will have to provide more to make his redemption plausible, such as actually wanting to be Sharon's friend to make up for his crime (and not just to needle Nick). All his creepy smirks in the corridors make him seem even more inhuman. However, I do want him to put one over on both Nick and Victoria, because they are so self-centered and horrible.

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28 September 2009
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All the writers have to do to redeem Adam is keep putting him in scenes with his snotty siblings. As much as I dislike the Adam character, I always cheer for him against NicVic, the nitwits.

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20 May 2009
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There has been no emotional heft to the character since CE left the role, so I could care less what he does. Although Y&R was in a pinch, they recast the role with a lesser actor and changed the entire thrust of the story. What started as a revenge plot has slowly devolved into Adam's getting over on everyone in Genoa City. Where was the real fallout between Heather and Rafe, and where are those characters?

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On a soap?
Yes he can its all in the pen
already they are having him to reflect on
all of his doings. IMO he is beginning
to show some semblance of remorse...not
all there but just saying

What I find interesting is the in the "how"
they go about "writing it" that alone draws
me will they get him out of this?

Example: Patty doesn't she now miraculously
have the same face of
her psychiatrist and who did all this?
Victor Newman so if he can be redeemed
for his deeds so can Adam.

LoL you are so right about Heather and Rafe
dang I forgot all about that until you just
mentioned it....that was just like Poof!
That story is gone Very astute, I just realized it.

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Lesser actor?????
So a homophobic actor unwilling to kiss a guy is a greater thespian and better for the show? Chris Engen nationally embarrassed himself and his small thinking followers.
And for his acting....were pulses ever taken after his mumbling scenes?

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CE's personal beliefs aside, the character of Adam had more direction and was better defined when he was playing the role. I don't see how that is an arguable point. Once the transition between actors was made, the Adam character suffered. Adam went from being a scarred man trying to prove his worth to his father and failing (under CE) to being some cartoonish villain gaslighting Ashley and kidnapping children(under MM). It didn't, and still doesn't make any sense. The writers, or whomever, have removed Adam's consequences of wooing Rafe and embarrassing Heather to make it easier to swallow the whole Sharon/Adam dynamic and, in my opinion, it's not working. CE's Adam was more emotionally layered; MM's Adam is a cartoonish, ridiculous one-note villain. If the writers are going to turn Adam's misdeeds into negligible plot points, then why bother investing in his "redemption?" Adam needs to apologize to Heather and Rafe, get some closure on that plot point, and then maybe we can talk. Using Sharon after kidnapping her child does not equate to redemption. Be serious!

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I agree with dqh257. I stopped caring about Adam when CE left. Muhney seems like a great guy and all but CE was a better fit and managed to make Adam multilayered.

I still don't think the whole story has come out about the alleged homophobia but even if that was the case, it doesn't mean that he is a worse performer than Muhney, they are two completely separate issues.

Sure Adam can be redeemed but I stopped caring.