One Life to Live Daily Recaps

General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

Delores shows up at the garage to ask Johnny for the clothes he was wearing the night Lisa was murdered.  She reminds him they have a witness who saw him on the water.  She’s angry that he didn’t come down to the station, as asked, and that he’s refusing to cooperate.  Johnny claims he took his clothes to the cleaners and is currently wearing it.  Johnny removes his shirt and is in the process of unbuttoning his pants, but she says she can arrest him for harassment.  Delores wonders why he took the boat and if he saw Lisa that night.  Johnny feels she’s trying to prove herself in a man’s world.


One Life to Live Recap: Firework

Brody:  I’m gonna be the best father to you, Liam, and you won’t miss John.  Neither will Natalie... as long as she never hears this tape.

Author’s note:  Firstly, my apologies, ladies and gentlemen, for the unexpected hiatus.  I was spirited away on an impromptu vacation, which was followed by a family crisis, and this column paid the price.  Back to our regularly scheduled recap (hopefully)...  Secondly, I missed about ten minutes due to a special report.  From what I understand, I'm relieved to have missed it.

Brody fears he must give up his current family.  Natalie enters the nursery and worries about Brody, who voices his concern that he will lose her and Liam to John.  Natalie vows that she’s committed to their family, and when Brody challenges her true happiness, she insists what they have is real and it makes her happy. Besides, it’s time to move on from John.  When Natalie steps out, Brody wars with himself about revealing the truth of Liam’s paternity until he ultimately decides to keep quiet.  Natalie returns to share her elation that Clint’s surgery was a success, and she leaves to visit her father.  Brody and Liam watch the fireworks, and thoroughly invested in his family, Brody vows never to repeat his secret (and his character assassination kicks into overdrive). READ MORE

One Life to Live Recap: Big Shot

Todd:  Jack... he’s going down this path that is very dangerous and really scaring me... and it feels very familiar to me.  What do I do?  I just... Ugh... I start channeling my father.  I start channeling Peter Manning, my so-called father.

Todd busts Jack trying to make a phone call, and takes him to task.  As Todd worries about all the possible charges, Jack maintains that his actions were an accident.  He thinks Todd should offer someone, anyone, a payoff to make everything go away, and Todd is dumbfounded.  He blasts Jack for reneging on promises to leave Shane alone, and he mocks him for thinking the barbell incident was notable.  He thinks Shane should have dropped the barbell on Jack’s head for being an idiot.  Jack defiantly invokes Marty’s name and suggests that while his crime was an accident, it doesn’t compare to Todd’s rape history.


One Life to Live Recap: Against All Odds

Clint:  Rex tried to kill me, and contrary to what he wants all of you to believe, I don’t want anybody to die.  I feel terrible about that young woman.  I feel terrible for Shane, but Gigi is brain dead, she’s gone.  But her loss doesn’t have to be in vain.  With her help, I can live.  I can be with my family a little longer.  And that’s what’s gonna happen.  And Rex has to accept it.  He’s got no other choice.

Clint tells Rex that he has no legal rights regarding Gigi’s organ donation, and should he go to court, he will lose.  A bastard like Clint benefiting from wonderful Gigi is a “sick, cruel joke,” and Rex refuses to allow such a travesty, to the point of trying to smother Clint with a pillow. READ MORE

One Life to Live Recap: So Complicated

Rex:  I don’t care what anybody says or what anybody else wants.  Your heart stays with me.

Color me shocked. John-Paul Lavoisier is bringing it big time.

Natalie gushes that a match for Clint has been found until Rex blurts that it’s Gigi’s heart the doctors are offering up.  She’s stunned silent and he can’t comprehend the tragedy in the slightest.  Gigi’s doctor approaches about prepping Gigi for organ donation based on her donor card, but Rex refuses to even entertain the idea of Clint benefiting.  After dismissing Natalie, Rex sits with Gigi and cries at her bedside.  He believes she would be okay with his refusal to help Clint, and promises he will fight to keep her whole. READ MORE

One Life to Live Recap: The Chronicles of Life and Death

Jessica:  This is my life, not yours, and I’m claiming it!

Ford and Tess revel in their afterglow, because love makes it so much better, until Tess gripes about Ford’s “brat.”  Amused, he points out that the brat is hers as well, and she sheepishly shrugs.  He worries about the felonies he committed in liberating her from St. Ann’s, but she knows he’s smart enough to figure things out.  Tess believes Cutter is the answer to their problems, so Ford decides to confront him. READ MORE