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Ellen DeGeneres Tops OUT's 8th Annual Power 50

Talk show queen, comedian and Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres was named the No. 1 most powerful LBGT by OUT. However, she wasn't the only individual familiar to TV fans. TV host and Oprah pal Suze Orman, Glee's Jane Lynch, CNN's Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, Bravo kingpin Andy Cohen, How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Murphy, Rachel Maddow and Ru Paul also made the list.  

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PC #73: Once Upon a Walking Dead

On today's Pop Confidential podcast Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels dish the latest pop culture, TV and film headlines, include:

David Letterman announced his retirement from The Late Show. CBS chose Stephen Colbert to fill Letterman's shoes. Can Colbert succeed without his faux conservative character?

Scandal and Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes will be interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Melodie can't wait.

Luke and Melodie dish Once Upon a Time's latest episode and The Walking Dead's season finale. Mad Men returns on AMC. Les Moonves earns a heft paycheck.

Jamey doesn't get the reaction he expects when he brings up Syfy's new space opera Expanse.

Jillian wishes she could have attended Coachella.

The PC crew wraps up by talking about Non-Stop, Divergent, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

All this and much more on today's Pop Confidential podcast!


Pop Confidential EXCLUSIVE: Best-Selling Humorist Sara Barron Talks Female Comedians, Porn and Conjuring Orphaned Teen Models While Pooping

In just a few short weeks we are relaunching an all-new version of the Pop Confidential blog, in conjunction with the return of the brand's iTunes podcast series. As part of the relaunch, we have tons of fun interviews, polls and other content as a sample for our Daytime Confidential readers. 

Up first is the hilarious chat I had below with best-selling humorist Sara Barron, who recently returned to bookstores and e-Readers with her second essay collection, The Harm In Asking. We couldn't stop laughing while reading the tome, written by a woman the LA Times said is "as funny as David Sedaris". Read on to find out why she continues to receive such lofty and spot-on praise.

Pop Confidential: Congrats on your second essay collection, The Harm in Asking: My Clumsy Encounters With The Human Race, making its debut. How did your writing process differ this time around from penning People Are Unappealing?

Sara Barron: Sophomore efforts are notoriously more hellish than their freshman equivalents, and I feel like now, I understand why. I expected this second book to be the easier of the two to write. I’d done it once before; I’d hoped to be more seasoned; when in fact it proved immeasurably harder. There’s the pressure to prove you can do it again, and do it better, plus the fact that you are now working with a smaller well of experience. In my first book, I could defer to my tried and true comic stories—I wrote a pornographic screenplay when I was 11! I masturbated myself into a wrist brace when I was 17!—whereas with this second one, I had to dig deeper for my subjects. I had to do more with them once I found them. READ MORE

Should There Be a One Tree Hill Reunion? (POLL)

Would you like to see a One Tree Hill reunion? Many OTH fans would love to see their favorites back on screen. The Huffington Post caught up with former OTH star Chad Michael Murray to talk about the upcoming third season of Chosen, but couldn't help asking if he'd be onboard for a reunion.

Of course I have to ask you, “One Tree Hill,” would you be down for a reunion?

I don’t know anything about it. Please, fill me in!

Outlets have been asking the cast members if they would ever like to have a reunion, make a movie or a little special on the CW …

Oh! Man, I don’t know. I think Mark [Schwahn] did a great job in having Lucas come back in Season 9. It was something I wanted to give the fans. I really wanted to go back and just give them a little swan song while we had that chance. But I think it ended in a really good place.

This is the first I’ve heard about any reunions, so I’d need to sit on it and think about it. But I think that we have the best fans in the world. The “One Tree Hill” fans are incredible and I’m grateful for every moment that I’ve gotten to spend with them and everything that they’ve done. They just followed for years and years and years, God, how many years has it been, 10? Ten or 11 years since that show started, so that unbelievable fan base, I admire them. And they’re still there watching all my new content and now they’re coming over to “Chosen.” I kind of like the fact that we’re all growing together.

Should there be a One Tree Hill reunion?

Scandal Recap: “Flesh and Blood”

This week’s Scandal saw paternity questions arise, and everyone scramble to keep Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) from blowing up.  Meanwhile, Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) parents probably put her one step closer to the nuthouse.  READ MORE

PC #72: Apache Chief

The Pop Confidential podcast is back! On today's show, Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Jenna Dorsi dish your fave primetime TV shows.

The PC crew can't get enough of The Good Wife and the amazing drama it has given viewers in the episodes surrounding Will's death. Has The Good Wife become the best drama since The Wire?

The Season Four premiere of Game of Thrones crashed HBO GO and delivered the cable channel's best ratings since The Sopranos. Luke and Jenna share their favorite moments from the episode.

Has Scandal jumped the shark with its Alias-esque writing? Shonda Rhimes' other series, Grey's Anatomy has been on a roll with a strong season.

Jillian can't get enough of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta and all the bitchtastic drama.

Single Ladies was saved from cancellation and has a new home.

Shameless delivered a shocking season finale. Find out what the PC gang thought of the season, from Fiona's spiral to Frank surviving to get drunk another day.

Jamey is in love with the new season of Dallas. His recap has the rest of the PC gang wanting to tune back in.

Luke can't get enough of The CW's new show The 100, which is killing off characters faster than The Hunger Games.

Reign still has Jenna enchanted by its medieval drama.

Jamey and Jenna are excited by the latest news about Jem the movie.

All this and much more on today's Pop Confidential podcast!