All My Children Spoilers

Bill and Quinn Recall Their ABORTED Relationship on The Bold and the Beautiful! (VIDEO)

Brad Bell and Co. aren't wasting any time drawing out Wyatt's (Darin Brooks) paternity saga on The Bold and the Beautiful. SPOILER ALERT: Today on the splashy, 30-minute sudser, Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) learns Quinn (Rena Sofer) didn't abort their baby all those years ago. She kept him and he grew up to flash his sword at a giggly Hope Logan (Kim Matula) in the woods. Watch a sneak peek of the drama after the jump! READ MORE

SPOILERS: Jesse Makes a Deal With a Russian Devil to Save Cassandra on All My Children!


All My Children's Jesse Hubbard (Darnell Williams) just can't seem to get a handle on this co-parenting thing. First he misses out on Frankie's formative years, due to that whole, pesky, presumed death business. Then he neglects to tell Angie (Debbi Morgan) he fathered a daughter with another woman during said presumptive death.

No sooner than the Mrs. got past all of that, did this fool lie to Angie about their baby daughter dying and switching the deceased brat with some other tyke!

To be fair, Jesse was only trying to surprise his beloved by flying her adopted daughter Cassandra (Sal Stowers) home from Paris. The problem is, instead of netting some serious frequent flyer miles, Cassie wound up sold as a sex slave!

The week of June 10, Jesse will do the unthinkable to bring Cassandra home safe. Will the pact he makes with Russian money launderer and sex trafficker Uri (Martin Harvey) blow up in the cop's face? READ MORE

Matthew Cowles Back to All My Children!

Get ready for a blast from the past to hit Pine Valley! The Online Network has announced All My Children is bringing on back Matthew Cowles in his signature role of Billy Clyde Tuggle. Cowles sent the soap world into a frenzy after he was spotted last month at TOLN’s advanced screening event of AMC and One Life to Live. READ MORE

TOLN Releases a Pretty Effin' Amazing Trailer For The New All My Children (VIDEO)


Okay, okay, I will be the first to admit it. I was more than a little cynical when I first learned Prospect Park was making a second stab at bringing back All My Children and One Life to Live. There, are you happy? 
With only a matter of days left before the soaps return on April 29, I  have to say, I am hella impressed with what I'm seeing so far! Today, TOLN revealed a trailer video for the new season of All My Children. Although I will argue anyone down that it was only my pollen allergies, a couple of tears were a' shed.

My DARLING, BIANCA (Eden Riegel)!!!!! ANGIE (Debbi Morgan)!!! DIXIE (Cady McClain)!!! PETEY (Rob Wilson)!!! PETEY (Rob Wilson)!!! Did I mention, PETEY (Rob Wilson)??? Watch the video after the jump.


SPOILERS: TOLN Provides First Week Teasers for One Live to Live and All My Children!


The April 29 premiere date for the new, online versions of All My Children and One Life to Live is almost upon us, which means more details are becoming available by the minute! TOLN has provided the following teasers for the first week of AMC and OLTL air shows. Check 'em out after the jump!


SPOILERS: Will AJ Break The Chandler Curse on All My Children?

What exactly will fans be in store for when All My Children returns on April 29? The Online Network has unveiled spoiler tidbits on iTunes to tide fans over until the sudser's return. According to the write up for AMC:

Follow JR as he comes to grips with his past and meet his teen-aged son, AJ, who might just break the cycle of dysfunction that has plagued his family for years. Follow Pete Cortlandt as he falls in love with a girl named Celia who has a dark past even she doesn't know about. Get re-acquainted with Angie and Jesse and see them tested by tragedy and loss. Witness the return of Zach and David and follow the emotional journey of Bianca’s daughter Miranda, whose own mother lived in the shadow of the great Erica Kane but who is determined to forge her own path, on her own terms. All that and more begins on April 29th...