General Hospital Spoilers

Will Franco Get Capped on General Hospital?


Revenge takes a tragic turn when Franco (Roger Howarth) finds himself in the sights of a shooter on General Hospital. Will he be the one who's hit? Watch  this week’s GH promo after the jump!


SPOILERS: Which Family is Kiki Moving in With on General Hospital?

Is Kiki taking up residence with the Family Q? She may be out of Michael’s hair — or at the very least his apartment. Anyone else ready to see Kiki vs. Tracy? These two are not going to play nice! Look for Michael to start to see his brother's gal in a new light.

Lulu remembers! The amnesiac Ice Princess remembers everything that happened with Stavros. Does this mean Lante is back on, or will Lulu  continue to depend on Milo?

Is Luke the one for Tracy? Tracy has made it clear she wants more than to be Luke's "port in the storm", but how will his latest medical crisis impact the Q diva's resolve?

What Does Uncle Silas Want With Rafe and Sam on General Hospital? (VIDEO)


Rafe Kovich, Jr. (Jimmy Deshler) doesn't want anything to do with his Uncle Silas (Michael Easton) on General Hospital. Can you blame the kid? The man looks just like Caleb Morley, I mean, Stephen Clay, er...John McBain!  I'm confused. Barbie wass right. Math class is tough! Watch a sneak peek of today's GH after the jump.  READ MORE

The Mysterious, Relish Saboteur With Eminem's Hair is Having a Party on General Hospital (VIDEO)


What does Roger Howarth's new, mystery character have in store for the denizens of Port Chuck, New York? Several of the townsfolk receive text messages inviting them to a party this week on General Hospital.

Hopefully some of these people have watched Pretty Little Liars and know never to do what a mysterious text commands! Watch the promo after the jump.


Will a Girl Come Between Michael and Morgan on General Hospital? (VIDEO)

Michael (Chad Duell) rushed to help his brother Morgan (Bryan Craig) with his gambling troubles, but how will he react to KiKi (Kristen Alderson), the girl Morgan is with? Will bros come before hoes? Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump!


SPOILERS: Tracy Finds Out About AJ and Carly on General Hospital!


Will Tracy find out that AJ took Carly to bed? Apparently Monica won’t let the tryst drop and lets AJ have it once again, and Aunt Tracy overhears! Remember Nikolas is still Tracy's ace, despite their dust up over The Chew

Will Tracy give Nik the dirt on AJ?